The Three Wives of Adam Monroe

Bernadette Marie - 2015
    Even he couldn’t have anticipated that he’d be entangled in the web of lies his client had woven.Doing what is right had been inbred in Amelia. She’d planned to say her goodbyes and start fresh. Staying in Adam’s small town with his other lies, that wasn’t part of her plan.BOOK 2 - PENELOPEFrom loss breeds new life.Penelope Monroe married on impulse and her heart had been broken by Adam Monroe’s lies. Pregnant she wonders how she will survive, alone, with her baby. Brock Romero held Adam Monroe when he died in combat. Now released from the Army he makes it his priority to find Adam’s wife and share with her his last words.On the verge of making the same mistake twice, Penelope must trust her heart—especially when new lies are uncovered.BOOK 3 - VIVIANFrom loss breeds new beginningsVivian Monroe had been jaded. Her husband’s death only compounded the lies she’d only come to learn about. Clayton North knows a thing or two about loss. He figured it was fate for him to meet Vivian Monroe. He’ll take on the challenge of helping her mend her heart.Midst new friendships and new romance, Vivian must let go of her pain and face the woman who helped Adam Monroe weave his deceptive web.

Finding Love

Serenity Woods - 2017
    Will she take him up on his offer, which might (if she’s very lucky) end up with hot sex with a billionaire? Or should she take the moral high ground and say no?Seducing Summer (The Four Seasons Book 1) Close protection officer Gene doubles as Callie’s PA so he can protect her, but he can’t keep his identity a secret from her forever. And when an attempt is finally made on her life, the truth threatens to break them apart.Treat with Caution (Treats to Tempt You Book 1) Both Tasha and Kole are confident their attraction is only physical. Both are going to get into trouble. But who will win the bet on Midsummer night?My Christmas Fiancé (Love Comes Later Book 1) If you write an email to your best friend about how you dream of licking whipped cream off your gorgeous boss, don’t send it to All Staff. Poor Meg.Stranded with a Scotsman (Bonus Short Story) Cori Spencer is stranded in a ten-by-four-foot wooden box on Lindisfarne in the middle of the night with Ewan Macbeth. She’s either going to kill him or kiss him—and she’s not sure which option is the most likely.

Heart 2 Heart

Edie Ramer - 2014
    Each book is the start of its own series, and they have several things in common: 2 strong heroines, 2 sexy heroes, dogs and cats, and stories that make you care deeply. STARDUST MIRACLE (Miracle Interrupted) A miracle is going to happen Becky Diedrich is the cheesemaker’s daughter. The minister’s wife. The good sister. What she’s not is her own woman. What she can’t be is a mother. And then she catches her husband with another woman. And she moves in with her sister. And she starts to see sparkles. And this is just the beginning… * * * HEARTS IN MOTION – (Rescued Hearts, book 1) Take two cats, a dog, and a determined woman... Animal lover Abby Pimm isn’t looking for love. With two rescue cats, one rescue dog, a struggling business, and her fourteen-year-old sister to raise, she’s got her hands full. What she needs is an angel – though she’ll settle for the devil if he’ll invest in her fledgling company and keep it afloat. Add a six-year-old girl... Wealthy businessman Holden Ramsay is no devil. He’s doing all the right things, and when he’s forced to care for his ex’s six-year-old daughter, he ends up hiring Abby as a temporary sitter – a woman who lights up his damaged heart, and perks up other organs as well. A woman who might be his redemption...or his downfall. Who’s rescuing who? The animals that Abby rescued think maybe it’s time they do a little rescue work of their own—because sometimes humans in love can be so dense...

The Family Simon Boxed Set

Juliana Stone - 2015
    After a tragedy, it’s just not in the cards for him, and he wishes his family would get off his back. He’s fine—or at least he thought he was–until a family wedding forces him to address a few things, namely his date, Abby Mathews. She’s been put in the ‘friend’ category, mostly because she deserves so much more than what he can give. But the more time that he spends with her, Tucker begins to think that maybe there is a chance for love after all… Abby Mathews has been in love with Tucker Simon since he walked into her family’s bar nearly a year ago. But he’s got baggage and heartache a plenty. His one-night-stands aren’t going to lessen that no matter what he thinks. Tucker needs a friend, but Abby wants to give him more, and as they navigate their way through a weekend in Florida, their attraction can’t be ignored. Abby has to make a choice. Does she cherish their friendship and take what she can get? Or does she go after what she really wants, which is Tucker’s heart… JACK: One night with the wrong woman can change your life…. Jack Simon’s road to the White House has been a smooth one until a night with the notorious Donovan Jams becomes a roadblock he can’t escape. Suddenly he’s America’s number one story and it has nothing to do with politics. Jack’s tangled with this woman before and knows they’re no good together. The only thing they are good for is a four letter word…hurt. He should get on with his life and concentrate on his job. But that’s hard to do when the one thing standing in his way, is the one thing he wants the most… Donovan James, international singing sensation, has made her living singing songs about heartache and pain, two things she grew up on. But it’s time to set down some roots and the only man she wants is a man she’s all wrong for. A man she’s never stopped loving—Jack Simon. They’d had it all once, until they didn’t. And yet she can’t help but wonder if a second shot together just might be the game changer she needs. Or if old secrets can still ruin the only man she’s ever loved… MAVERICK: The woman he never saw coming is the woman who rocked his world…Maverick Simon lost his mojo somewhere between the last film he scored and a nasty break-up with one of Hollywood’s elite. Burnt out, a vacation is just what this California boy needs. His brother’s empty house in Maine offers the perfect sanctuary. But plans go awry when he meets a woman who rocks his world in more ways than one. She’s not his usual type—she’s edgy, opinionated, and downright rude. But something about the prickly Charlie Samuels sparks his interest. Maverick must decide if that something is exactly what he needs, or if the smokin’ hot chemistry they share is nothing more than a vacation fling… Charlie Samuels had always dreamed of leaving her small New England town for something bigger. But that dream disappeared the day her father died, leaving her to raise her younger brother and keep the family business afloat. Now a mechanic, she’s knee deep in grease and oil, and with a pile of bills to pay, has no time for someone like Maverick Simon—a guy who’s just passing through. She can’t deny the tall, brooding, sexy-as-sin, Maverick, causes her pulse to race, but she knows that he’s way out of her league.

Reunion Boxed Set

Kathryn Shay - 2013
    They once shared a romantic relationship, only to have it end. Now he’s back and turning her whole world upside down. Will she risk her heart again—and will their love last this time around? This boxed set features four full-length “reunion” romance novels and one novella:Hot Shot, Novella #2 in America’s Bravest by USA Today bestselling author Kathryn ShayParamedic Brody O’Malley is happy with single life until a class reunion where he meets Emma Walsh, the only woman he ever loved. But because he broke her heart, she refuses to rekindle old flames. But Brody has other ideas and sets out to change her mind. And what Brody wants, Brody usually gets.Wild Wind by RITA Award winner Patricia RyanAlex was left deeply scarred when his beloved Nicolette married his cousin Milo solely in order to bear the son who would fulfill the terms of her inheritance. Now, nine years later, Nicolette is still childless and Milo debilitated by wine sickness. Explaining that he and Nicolette will be homeless and destitute if she doesn’t produce an heir within fifteen months, Milo begs Alex to seduce his wife, sire a child, then disappear. It is an indecent but irresistible proposal, sweeping Alex and Nicolette into a firestorm of forbidden desire.Rodeo Nights by USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinnTime hasn't dimmed their bone-deep passion. But passion wasn’t enough a decade ago when Kalli left her rodeo bull-rider husband Walker Riley, unable to bear her overwhelming fear for him. Now they’ve committed to working together to save a Wyoming rodeo for the man they both love. Walker faces down charging bulls for a living, but losing Kalli again just might break him.One Good Turn by USA Today bestselling author Judith ArnoldWhen Luke met Jenny, he was lost and struggling. Her optimism, trust and love gave him the courage to face his demons and slay them. Then she vanished from his life. Seven years later, she reappears—only she’s not the same cheerful idealist he’d fallen in love with. Can he rescue her the way she’d rescued him? Can he give her the strength to slay her own demons?From Glowing Embers by RITA Award winner and USA Today bestselling Emilie RichardsOnce, Julianna was plain Julie Ann, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who dared to love the son of the town's most powerful family. Gray loved her, too, and married her to give their unborn child a name, but sometimes love isn't enough. Ten years later they meet again. She is successful, beautiful, and certain that a decade ago he betrayed her, but despite their painful past, both are helpless to deny a love that never died.The Summit Authors Present: Favorite Romance Themes™These are the classic themes beloved by romance readers around the world, the powerful myths at the very heart of the romance genre. Now, for the first time, your favorite themes are available in a dazzling collection of boxed sets from some of today’s most exciting authors—at an irresistible price!Don’t miss any of the enchanting boxed sets from The Summit Authors Present: Favorite Romance Themes™ collection. Find out more at SummitAuthors.comMARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCEBODYGUARDSREUNIONBAD BOY HEROESGOOD GUY HEROESWOUNDED HEROES

Loving The Doctor, Box Set One

Bobby Hutchinson - 2013
    Contains:- Patient Care- The Baby Doctor- Full Recovery- Are You My Daddy

Destiny Bay Boxed Set Vol. 1

Helen Conrad - 2013
    He wants answers. But some secrets are just too painful to share. Jenny jumps out of airplanes in order to block out the painful memories of what made her run away from her family. Reid wants to fix the damage. The only problem is, he doesn’t know how deep it is, and how impossible it will be to cover over. Will his intoxicating love tempt her to risk it all again? Or will it end up making everything worse after all?Book 2-WIFE FOR A NIGHT Forced to pretend to be Matt’s wife, Janet Cardona plans to blow his cover –just as soon as she gets her cat back. Haunted by lies that have hurt her in the past, Janet can’t stand slick operators. When Matt coerces her into pretending to be his wife in order to fool a nice old lady, she hates every minute of it—doesn’t she? He’s nothing but a despicable conman—so why does his touch make her quiver with anticipation? Book 3-TOO SCARED TO BREATHE She can see the crash coming but she can’t break away. Carrie Harlow can’t stand arrogant men like race car driver Grant Carrington—but something about him keeps her coming back for more. She knows he’s not a forever kind of guy—and she knows he lives life on the edge in ways she can’t comprehend. But as she tries to heal his body with her hands, he chases away her fears with his kisses—until finally, it’s too late to avoid the inevitable tragic end to their fairy tale love story.

Crazy for You/Tell Me Lies

Jennifer Crusie - 2003
    Her legion of fans who have helped make her a household name are a testament to her success. Now for the first time, St. Martin's Griffin is publishing two Jennifer Crusie romances in one book. In Crazy for You, Quinn MacKenzie's life spins out of control when she decides to adopt a stray dog. Now she's coping with dognapping, breaking and entering, seduction, sabotage, and two men who are suddenly crazy--for her.... Tell Me Lies tells the story of Maddie Faraday, whose life would be perfect--if it weren't for her cheating husband, her distrusting daughter, her gossipy mother, her secretive best friend, her nosy neighbors, and that sexy guy she lost her virginity to twenty years ago.... Pick up this special volume and discover the wonderful world of Jennifer Crusie!

Lucky at Love: Some Guys Just Never Give Up...

Cynthia Hamilton - 2018
    Despite his seven divorces, Jake considers himself uncommonly lucky at love. Baffled by his sanguine attitude—and his offhand suggestion that she could be the next Mrs. Sorenson—Allison talks her editor into letting her explore the compulsion some people have when it comes to saying “I do”. As soon as she arrives at Jake’s 1,500-acre ranch in rural Oregon, Allison realizes she has misjudged him, underestimating his appeal to the opposite sex and his worldliness in general. Despite his multiple divorces—and his current dubious relationships—Jake maintains his marriages weren’t failures even though they ended. During muleback rides and impromptu tango dances, Jake shares with level-headed Allison his unique philosophy on life and love, leaving her confused for the first time about her own marriage, her ideals, and her feelings for the roguish mule breeder.

Prince of Darkness: A Dark Romance Duology (Part 2)

Marian Tee - 2016
    Foolish. Forever. These were the first words that came to Fawn Cornwall’s mind when she thought of the prince’s offer to become her lover behind her boyfriend’s back. Her boyfriend, who she had caught cheating on her. But if she said yes to the Prince of Darkness--- Fawn knew she would never be the same again. It would be everything or nothing at all. He would either love her…or break her. And one day…he did just that.

An Encore for Love (...For Love Book 2)

Alexandra Warren - 2017
    In fact, there’s only one other person in the field who even comes close to matching his stature. Amerie Lambert. Knox’s eye has been on Amerie since the day she first auditioned for one of his tours. And while the arrangement that developed between them soon after might’ve ended in disaster, Knox feels he’s being given a chance to redeem himself – and his personal life, in general - when he and Amerie are casted for the reality show, Choreographer Lane. Too bad Amerie doesn’t see it the same way. After avoiding Knox Riley for years, she’s completely apprehensive to anything that involves even being in the same room as him. But when he shows up to her office with an offer she can’t refuse, she quickly finds herself in a predicament that involves old desires being exposed, unresolved feelings resurfacing, and new boundaries being tested. Once the line is crossed, there’s no turning back. But just because an encore is called for doesn’t guarantee it will be pretty… (Note: This book is a spinoff of, A Rehearsal for Love. While it can be read as a standalone, it does contain major spoilers for that title.)

Baby, I'll Find You

Jennifer Skully - 2011
    But she believes in fate and destiny, and after finding Colton Amory’s CD in a thrift store grab bag, Jami knows it’s serendipity that she’s heard his song now. “Baby I’ll Find You” speaks to her heart, right when she needs it most. So, off she goes to the wilds of Yosemite to discover why Colton Amory hasn’t written another song in seven years.The only problem? The man who wrote such beautiful music turns out to be a self-pitying jerk. Or so it seems, until Jami digs deeper.Seven years ago, Cole Amory had a flourishing musical career and a little girl who was his pride and joy. In one split second, he lost it all. He hasn’t written a lyric or played a note since. Buried in a small Yosemite town, he’s now a fry cook at a fast-food joint. And he doesn’t need a woman with stars in her eyes opening all his old wounds and guilt.Can two people with nothing left to lose find it all?BABY, I’LL FIND YOU is a contemporary romance of approximately 98,000 words / 385 pages. The book contains the following bonus material: excerpts from DEAD TO THE MAX and REVENGE SEX by Jasmine Haynes and SHE'S GOTTA BE MINE, Cottonmouth Book 1, by Jennifer SkullyAUTHOR BIOGRAPHYJennifer Skully is the award-winning author of SEX AND THE SERIAL KILLER, FOOL’S GOLD, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, SHEER DYNAMITE, and IT MUST BE MAGIC. Her sexy contemporary romances will make you laugh out loud. Erotic romance writer Jasmine Haynes is Jennifer Skully’s alternate pseudonym, for those of you looking for the really steamy stuff.

Reunited: A Billionaire Secret Baby Romance (Lost Love Book 2)

Marcella Swann - 2018
    . .  except for that one time. I knew I shouldn't but he was so hot. Steamy. Passionate. It was incredible. I left him a note the next morning but he never called.Next thing I know, I’m pregnant. Me and my little girl have made it through but it’s been hell.Now he’s back but he doesn’t know the half of it—doesn’t know about his daughter . . . our daughter.His hotness made me do a stupid thing five years go, but not this time.If he thinks he can freakin’ waltz back into my life . . . My little girl absolutely loves the guy though and, well, he’s got a billion dollars coming to him. F***! Bobby I had her for one night.It was hot. It was right. It was incredible. I’ve never really shaken her from my thoughts. It's still the best night of my life and, trust me, I've had plenty of Netflix and chill action since.But she was gone by the morning. Fine. I can play that game, too. So I bolted--got the heck outta dodge. Now I got a billion bucks coming my way.One catch, though: I've got to get my shit together and clean up my act.Or else my uncle’s money goes elsewhere—to my shitty cousin.But f*** the money, no one’s gonna mess with my woman—and my daughter.Their mine. I’ll do what I have to protect them. To make things right.So bring it on. This is gonna be fun.

Royal Secrets

Kristin Frasier - 2016
    It’s not as if she's ever met her Prince Charming… Or has she? Robert Haven, seventh in line for the throne, is on his last tour in the British Army before he has to go back to the prim and proper lifestyle where everything is decided for him, including his bride-to-be. However, when he meets the woman of his dreams, the thought of not being able to tell her who he really is makes him question everything. Surely a man with unlimited power and riches should be able to choose who he marries? Will Robert risk it all for Maddy; his position, fortune and his family? Or will he be doomed to never see her again? Maddy Hawkins is in Africa to do one job only: to care for sick kids. She never thought in her wildest dreams that she’d fall in love with a handsome soldier… and one with a shocking secret! However, Maddy hides her own little secret from Robert. She keeps it to herself for fear that should he ever find out he’d be forced to do the right thing to prevent a scandal; to marry her not out of love but out of duty. Can she find the courage to tell him? Or will she be content living the rest of her life alone, with only memories to cherish?

Over the Fence

Elke Becker - 2015
    She’s landed her dream job and is moving with her boyfriend, Sascha, to London. But when Sascha informs Eva that he won’t be joining her after all—and she finds out he’s been seeing someone on the side—Eva is forced to face a harsh new reality, alone.Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, Eva’s parents get in a car accident, and she’s called home to the bucolic village of her childhood to take care of her father. There she meets her new neighbor, the devilishly handsome David—and discovers that her feelings for him are more than just neighborly. Soon their complicated commitments pull them in different directions. Will the two be able to break down the barriers that keep them apart?