Where the Ground Meets the Sky

Jacqueline Davies - 2002
    During World War II, a twelve-year-old girl is uprooted from her quiet, East coast life and moved to a secluded army post in the New Mexico desert where her father and other scientists are working on a top secret project.

Love from Your Friend, Hannah

Mindy Warshaw Skolsky - 1998
    Determined to find a new pen pal, Hannah picks an address from a box on her teacher's desk. It's a boy, but his first letter is so dopey, Hannah isn't even going to answer it. Instead, she writes to President Roosevelt. Before long, Hannah has a whole lot of pen pals--and finally discovers the perfect friend, in the most unlikely place.In this absorbing epistolary novel, Mindy Warshaw Skolsky takes readers back to the late 1930s, and into the life of an irrepressible and unforgettable heroine.A Parenting Magazine Book of the YearA finalist for the Texas Bluebonnet Award A Smithsonian Magazine Notable Book for Children 01-02 Young Hoosier Book Award Masterlist (Gr 4-6) 00-01 William Allen White Children's Book Award Masterlist

The Long Way Westward

Joan Sandin - 1989
    "Historically accurate; will attract competent primary-grade readers and will be equally suitable for less able readers in intermediate grades." —SLJ.1990 The USA Through Children's Books (ALA)Children's Books of 1989 (Library of Congress)1989 Children's Books (NY Public Library)

Attack of the Turtle

Drew Carlson - 2006
    During the Revolutionary War, fourteen-year-old Nathan joins forces with his older cousin, the inventor David Bushnell, to secretly build the first submarine used in naval warfare.

I Can Be a Gymnast (Barbie)

Kristen L. Depken - 2014
    Girls ages 4 to 6 who love gymnastics will love reading about Barbie as she competes at a gymnastic championship in this Step into Reading leveled reader.

Curious George Story Book Collection

H.A. Rey - 2001
    Now this collection of four board books featuring Curious George is available in a sturdy, reusable, carry-along box. Brightly colored and suitably scaled for the youngest readers, the books feature art from the original storybooks by H. A. Rey.

Beth's Story

Susan Beth Pfeffer - 2001
    The theater, opera, symphony, museums–Beth loves every minute of her adventure. She even meets Abraham Lincoln, and has the courage to tell him that women deserve the right to vote. But once she’s back in Massachusetts, none of Beth’s schoolmates believe that she really spoke to Mr. Lincoln or that she even met him. They know Beth is shy–too shy to speak to a man running for president of the United States. Even Beth’s younger sister, Amy, thinks Beth is lying. Now Beth wishes she’d never been to New York . . . until she’s surprised by an unexpected visitor.

The Secret Valley

Clyde Robert Bulla - 1949
    This exciting chronicle has the same appeal as Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books.

The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett - 1994
    The world's best-loved children's stories set in large type for easy reading.-- Over 100 illustrations in each book

Big Sarah's Little Boots

Paulette Bourgeois - 1987
    But one day, they just won't fit anymore. No amount of stretching will make them big again, and a disappointed Sarah must choose new boots. This picture book tells an endearing story about facing and happily resolving a familiar childhood dilemma.

Katie Woo Has the Flu

Fran Manushkin - 2011
    She feels yucky and has to miss a few days of school. Will she ever feel like herself again?

A Pattern for Pepper

Julie Kraulis - 2017
    It's the first dress that has ever been made just for her, and she wants it to be perfect. But what pattern is right for her? Pepper is particular, and nothing works at first. Dotted Swiss? Too plain. Houndstooth? Not enough color. Pinstripe? Too glum. As Pepper learns about each fabric, she finds a reason why it's just not the one. Will Pepper ever be able to find the perfect pattern? Julie Kraulis takes readers on a journey through gorgeous patterns and their origins--from the mountains of Switzerland to the green grass of Scotland--in search of Pepper's ideal pattern. The incredible illustrations make for a dress, a character and a book that are impossible to forget.

Forgotten Soldiers (What Happened to Jacob Walden)

Warren Martin - 2012
    Forty years later Journalist Ted Pratt investigates what may be the sudden reappearance of Jacob Walden and follows the trail to find Jacob. Ted encounters Charlie Smith, a secretive and seasoned Operative who may have answers to the question about "What Happened to Jacob Walden," and why Jake never returned home.

The Drinking Gourd: A Story of the Underground Railroad

F.N. Monjo - 1970
    Will Tommy Fuller be able to hide the runaways from a search party—or will the secret passengers be discovered and their hope for freedom destroyed?This Level 3 I Can Read book is a captivating first-person historical fiction account of the Underground Railroad, narrated by Tommy, a ten year-old Quaker boy,. With beautiful, simple prose that folds in historical facts about slavery and the Civil War, this book makes this important period of American history accessible to beginning readers. Includes an afterword from the author F.N. Monjo that explains the historical context of the Fugitive Slave Law.Supports the Common Core Learning Standards

Night Journeys

Avi - 2000
    In eight years, the American Revolution will begin. Newly orphaned, Peter York has been adopted by a deeply religious Quaker fame. Peter chafes under his new guardian's strict and unyielding views and vows to break away. He sees his chance when two runaway indentured servants are reported to be fleeing through his community. If he catches one, there will be a reward -- and freedom. But capturing the runaways leads to consequences -- and choices -- Peter cannot foresee.