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Titser by Liwayway A. Arceo


The Procedure

Harry Mulisch - 1998
    In the late sixteenth century, Rabbi Jehudah Löw, in order to guarantee the safety of the Jews in Prague, creates a golem by following a procedure outlined in a third-century cabalist text. Four hundred years later, Victor Werker, a Dutch biologist mourning the loss of his stillborn daughter, causes an international uproar when he creates a complex organic clay crystal that can reproduce and has a metabolism. But his unsettling discovery takes its toll as his inner and outer demons pursue him around the world, from California to Venice, Cairo, and Jerusalem.

Helen and Desire

Alexander Trocchi - 1954
    The diary is found by a fascinated French military officer who envisions Helen as a solitary girl with intense sexual desire who yearns for the outside world.

Meeting at the Milestone

Sigurd Hoel - 2000
    At the dark center of this work are questions of why certain individuals turn against their own country, their own values, and their own "selves" so to speak. But in this weaving of fact and fiction, the faithful and the traitors are not necessarily easily distinguishable. A wonderful tale of adventure and a country's fate by the author of The Road to the World's End (Sun & Moon Press) and The Troll Circle.Sigurd Hoel was for years an editor of the great Norwegian publishing house Gyldendal. He died in 1960.

The Last Chapter

Knut Hamsun - 1923
    Among the characters is "The Suicide", who entered the sanatorium following the discovery of his wife’s infidelity and threatens constantly to take his own life. Another guest is the lovely Julie d'Espard. She enters into a relationship with the bogus Count Flemming and gets pregnant. When Flemming disappears one day she turns to Daniel Utby, who runs a small farm near Torahus and who represents the novel’s ideological norm.The Last Chapter is one of Hamsun’s darkest novels. It was written at a time when he was much preoccupied by death. The novel is often compared with Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, which was published the year after.

Emily of Emerald Hill

Stella Kon - 1989
    You play the part of Emily's friend to whom she confides the story of her life and gradually exposes the secrets of her mind.The play is a journey through human consciousness, and through time. As Emily tells you about her life, we are introduced to a host of striking characters. We see sharp vignettes of a period in Singapore which is no longer familiar. And when we have heard her story, we ask: Who is Emily? Is she a nurturer or a destroyer, a domestic tyrant or a frightened child? Is she a traditional Asian wife, or Singapore's first truly liberated lady? Can we really understand her? Does she understand herself?The play leaves us fascinated. It enlarges our experience of life.Since its award-winning appearance in 1985, Emily of Emerald Hill has become an icon of the English-language theatre in Singapore and Malaysia. Many different actresses have played the role, and it has been seen by more people than any other locally-written play.

Cat's Cradle

Maurice Baring - 1925
    With subtle twists and turns in a fascinating portrait of society, Maurice Baring conveys the moral that love is too strong to be overcome by mere mortals.


Mary Ann Evans - 1994
    When a child is found living alone in the woods, she struggles to protect her sense of self while a lawyer and a social worker battle to determine how she will be allowed to live her future.

"Of Mice And Men" (Penguin Study Notes)

Marsaili Cameron
    It includes character studies and summaries of the plot with discussions of the major themes, as well as a background to John Steinbeck.

The Planetarium

Nathalie Sarraute - 1959
    With this seemingly simple conceit, the characters of The Planetarium are set in orbit and a galaxy of argument, resentment, and bitterness erupts. Telling the story from various points of view, Sarraute focuses below the surface, on the emotional lives of the characters in a way that surpasses even Virginia Woolf. Always deeply engaging, The Planetarium reveals the deep disparity between the way we see ourselves and the way others see us.

The Family of Pascual Duarte

Camilo José Cela - 1942
    Despite his savage and cruel impulses, Pascual retains a childlike sense of the world and a groping desire to understand the blows of fate that led him down his bloody path.Originally published in the same year as Camus's The Stranger—to which it has been compared—The Family of Pascual Duarte is closer in tone to the works of Curzio Malaparte and Louis-Ferdinand Céline.


Max Frisch - 1964
    The narrator creates the story of this man -- or, rather, two stories, based on the two personae that he has imagined. One of these is named Enderlin; the other, Gantenbein.Originally published as A Wilderness of Mirrors.

St. Bernardo

Graciliano Ramos
    His reputation has only increased there in the sixty years since his death, with all of his books still in print and special editions for anniversaries. Brazilian readers fight over which of his novels is their favorite.Now St. Bernardo, his second-to-last novel, has been freshly translated for North American readers. This gritty, drily funny book tells the story of Paulo Honório, a field hand who learns to read and write in jail, emerging with the ambition of buying and restoring to greatness the now-decrepit property where he was once a day-laborer. St. Bernardo, named for his ranch, is the memoir of his rise and fall, written in his own rough-hewn voice."With Ramos, language is a precision tool with which effects hitherto unrecorded in Brazilian literature have been made," said critic Fred P. Ellison. Flavored with subtle ironies and rich local idioms, St. Bernardo will appeal to readers of William Faulkner and Juan Rulfo, anyone who loves a tragicomic story of a striving outsider and self-made man, ruthless and tender in turns.

Oliver Twist

Richard Rogers - 1992
    Accessible language and carefully controlled vocabulary build students' reading confidence. Introductions at the beginning of each story, illustrations throughout, and glossaries help build comprehension. Before, during, and after reading activities included in the back of each book strengthen student comprehension. Audio versions of selected titles provide great models of intonation and pronunciation of difficult words.

When Rain Clouds Gather

Bessie Head - 1969
    When a political refugee from South Africa joins forces with an English agricultural expert, the time-honoured subsistence-farming method and old ways of life are challenged.

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo

R. de Roussy de Sales - 2000
    This reader is softcover, 6" 9," and 144 pages in length.