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The Last Dance by Carmen Agra Deedy


Grandpa's Face

Eloise Greenfield - 1996
    The little girl knows her grandfather's expressions until one day she sees him practising for the theatre, his appearance frightens her.

Red Kite, Blue Kite

Ji-li Jiang - 2013
    Baba loves telling Tai Shan stories while the kites--one red, and one blue--rise, dip, and soar together. Then, a bad time comes. People wearing red armbands shut down the schools, smash store signs, and search houses. Baba is sent away, and Tai Shan goes to live with Granny Wang. Though father and son are far apart, they have a secret way of staying close. Every day they greet each other by flying their kites-one red, and one blue-until Baba can be free again, like the kites. Inspired by the dark time of the Cultural Revolution in China, this is a soaring tale of hope that will resonate with anyone who has ever had to love from a distance.

Mama Seeton's Whistle

Jerry Spinelli - 2015
    Just a simple two-note whistle. When Mama Seeton whistles, her children run home for chocolate cake, hugs, kisses, and shared memories. But as time passes, they travel farther and farther away from the familiar sound. Can mama's whistle be heard all over the world, and bring her children home one more time? Newbery Award-winning author Jerry Spinelli's sweet lyrical text and New York Times bestselling illustrator LeUyen Pham's charming illustrations show the timeless love between a mother and her children.

Visiting Day

Jacqueline Woodson - 2001
    And Grandma in her Sunday dress, humming soft and low... As the little girl and her grandmother get ready for visiting day, her father, who adores her, is getting ready, too. The community of families who take the long bus ride upstate to visit loved ones share hope and give comfort to each other. Love knows no boundaries. Here is a story of strong families who understand the meaning of unconditional love.

Grandpa's Tractor

Michael Garland - 2011
    Back then, the pastures were filled with cows, and the fields were full of corn. Today, the cows are gone and the rows of corn have been replaced with row after row of identical houses. Grandpa Joe brings his grandson Timmy back to the site of the family farm, where the old house and a ramshackle barn still stand. The visit evokes many memories for Grandpa Joe, which he shares with Timmy—in particular, the majesty of his own father's shiny red tractor, now rusting in the forgotten fields.

Terrible Storm

Carol Otis Hurst - 2007
    Each man has his own reasons for remembering how bad the blizzard was. Full color.

A Place Where Sunflowers Grow (砂漠に咲いたひまわり) Japanese/ English Bilingual

Amy Lee-Tai - 2006
    But it's hard to think of anything to draw in a place where nothing beautiful grows—especially a place like Topaz, the internment camp where Mari's family and thousands of other Japanese Americans have been sent to live during World War II. Somehow, glimmers of hope begin to surface—in the eyes of a kindly art teacher, in the tender words of Mari's parents, and in the smile of a new friend. Amy Lee-Tai's sensitive prose and Felicia Hoshino's stunning mixed-media images show that hope can survive even the harshest injustice.

Why Do I Have to Make My Bed?

Wade Bradford - 2011
    (Hint: Mothers throughout history have always had a ready response.) This book makes history so much fun, kids won't even realize they're learning.

Archie's War

Marcia Williams - 2007
    The year is 1914, and as the Great War begins, Archie’s scrapbook reflects the war’s impact on his life and on those who write back from the front. Marcia Williams retains her humor and energy as she employs a new collage style to present an intimate and compelling view of the First World War and its era.

The Wall

Eve Bunting - 1990
    A young boy and his father visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Seven Brave Women

Betsy Hearne - 2006
    Beginning with the great-great-great-grandmother who came to America on a wooden sailboat, these women were devout and determined and tireless and beloved.


John Burningham - 1984
    It is a friendship that children who read this book will long remember.

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

Jamie Lee Curtis - 1996
    Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born is a special celebration of the love and joy an adopted child creates for a family.In asking her parents to tell her again about the night of her birth, a young girl relives a cherished tale she knows by heart. Focusing on the significance of family and love, this a unique and beautiful story about adoption and the importance of a loving family.A beautiful adoption story, Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born also speaks to the universal childhood desire to know more about the excitement, awe, love, and sleeplessness that a new baby brings to a family.Tell me again about the night I was born.Tell me again how you would adopt me and be my parents.Tell me again about the first time you held me in your arms.

Sami and the Time of the Troubles

Florence Parry Heide - 1992
    A ten-year-old Lebanese boy balances his life in a war-torn city.

Snapshots from the Wedding

Gary Soto - 1998
    Maya introduces us to Danny, the ring bearer; Aunt Marta, crying big tears; Uncle Trino, jump-starting a car in his tuxedo; and Rafael, the groom, with a cast on his arm. Of course, the big day also includes games, dancing, cake, and a mariachi band that plays long into an evening no one will ever forget.Snapshots from the Wedding captures the unique moments of a special occasion--the big scenes as well as the little ones--that together form a rich family mosaic.