The Beginning

R.L. Stine - 1998
    They say it's a place to be frightened of - that those who go there never return the same. And some never return at all...Dare to read the very first three chilling FEAR STREET books, in this special Collector's Edition!Contains "The New Girl" "The Surprise Party" and "The Overnight".

The Surfer

Linda Cargill - 1995
    The beautiful girl who seemed to get a thrill out of surfing on a stormy sea. Maybe she'd been lucky in the past, but Jessie saw her luck run out. Jessie saw her drown. Now there's a new girl in town. And she doesn't know who she is or where she came from. Has the beautiful surfer come back from the dead?

The Bride

D.E. Athkins - 1996
    Blaine Harrod, the gorgeous supermodel, marrying the wealthy handsome Preston Alden - it's a fairy tale come true ... or is it? Because things start to go wrong, very wrong.

Summer of Secrets

Richie Tankersley Cusick - 1996
    But their damaged car was only the beginning...They didn't expect to find an arm buried near the road. And when they finally reached the farmhouse of Gayle's Aunt Pat, no one is there to greet them. There's only a note that reads "Be back soon."What happened to Aunt Pat? Why are mysterious "accidents" suddenly occurring? What about the rumors of other disappearances in this small town?Gayle knows she must find the answers soon, but whom can she trust? Travis, the hired hand? Mark, who works at the hospital? Or Doug, the helpful neighbor? Friends...or suspects?Gayle is running out of time.Danger - and her fate - are only a heartbeat away!


Laurie Faria Stolarz - 2016
    But photographs never tell the whole story. After Day crosses paths with Julian, the world she observes and the truths she believes—neatly captured in black and white—begin to blur.Julian does not look like a murderer, but his story is full of holes, and his alibis don’t quite add up, either. This time, Day is determined to see the entire picture…whatever it reveals.Did he kill his parents? Or didn’t he?While Julian remains on the run, Day digs deeper into his case. But the more facts she uncovers, the longer her list of questions becomes. It’s also getting harder to deny the chemistry she feels with Julian.Is it real? Or is she being manipulated?Day is close to finding the crack in the case that will prove Julian’s innocence. She just needs time to focus before the shutter snaps shut.

Party Line

A. Bates - 1989
    Unfortunately, he also discovers that some of the new girls he meets on the phone have disappeared. What started as a way to get dates, leads Mark into a frightening mystery—one that becomes dangerous as well!

Finding Daddy

Louise Plummer - 2007
    Her mother tells her she has all his good qualities, but isn't specific. With nothing but a photo of her father, Mira wants more. She writes him imaginary notes:Daddy, darling, where are you? I need you in my life. Aren't you curious about me? About school? I have a boyfriend named Dylan. Mom says you both made the decision during the divorce that you wouldn't be part of my life. It was easier, she says. It hasn't been easier for me. Look for me, dearest Daddy, and I'll look for you. I'll look until I find you.From the Hardcover edition.


Sinclair Smith - 1996
    Alicia has amnesia. She doesn't even recognize her own face in the mirror. How did she land in hospital? And why won't the doctors tell her anything?Then Alicia's sister, Marta, arrives to take her home. Surely Marta will help her get her memory back?But nothing feels right. Could Marta be hiding something from Alicia? Does Alicia's amnesia conceal a terrifying secret? Alicia is afraid to remember - but she could be dead if she doesn't...

Blood on the Beach

Sarah N. Harvey - 2017
    The story is told by two of them: Alice, whose police-officer mother believes Alice might have a substance-abuse problem, and Caleb, who assaulted his abusive stepfather. They are joined by six other miscreants and three staff: a psychologist, a social worker and an ex-cop. On the first night, one of the girls disappears from her cabin. There is a panicked search of the island, but she is nowhere to be found. The adults seem oddly ineffectual in dealing with the crisis—and then the ex-cop gets sick and dies. The radio has been sabotaged, and there is no way to call for help. When the social worker also becomes ill, the kids decide to take matters into their own hands and track down the killer.

Losing Christina Collection

Caroline B. Cooney - 2006
    Shevvington, the handsome principal. Mrs. Shevvington, the dedicated teacher. Who better for Christina and Anya to board with while attending school on the mainland? But something evil is happening at the Shevvingtons' house.In FOG, Anya slowly starts to lose her mind and Christina knows that the Shevvingtons are behind it. Can she stop them before they turn their attention to her?In SNOW, the Shevvingtons bring Dolly to live with them when they realize Christina is too strong for them to control. Sweet, trusting Dolly appears to be lost in a snowstorm, but Christina knows the truth. Dolly is lost inside the house, and that's much worse.In FIRE, the final book in the series, Christina finally finds the evidence she needs to expose the Shevvingtons. Can she do it before everything goes up in flames?

Hide and Seek

Jane McFann - 1995
    This exciting new thriller from the well-reviewed author of Be Mine focuses on a 16-year-old who is being stalked by someone who seems to know her very, very well--someone who may have known her forever.

Prom Date

Diane Hoh - 1996
    The forthcoming prom at Toomey High is overshadowed by a series of brutal slayings that replace taffeta and tiaras with mayhem, and students suspect that one of the Pops, an elite clique of girls, may be the killer.

The Stalker

Carol Ellis - 1997
    She dreams of the applause and the thrilling attention. A life on the stage is what she has always wanted. and she's not the only one. Someone else is stagestruck too - or more accurately starstruck...At first Janna thinks she is being followed by an obsessive fan. But she's not just receiving notes and flowers. Someone is playing games with her mind...and her life. Is the stalker trying to get closer to Janna...or is he making sure no one ever will?


Chris Van Etten - 2014
    Don't answer your phone. And whatever you do, DON'T turn on your computer. . . .Cole and Gavin love playing practical jokes through Wikipedia. They edit key articles and watch their classmates crash and burn giving oral reports on historical figures like Genghis Khan, the first female astronaut on Jupiter. So after the star soccer player steals Cole's girlfriend, the boys take their revenge by creating a Wikipedia page for him, an entry full of outlandish information including details about his bizarre death on the soccer field.It's all in good fun, until the soccer player is killed in a freak accident . . . just as Cole and Gavin predicted. The uneasy boys vow to leave Wikipedia alone but someone continues to edit articles about classmates dying in gruesome ways . . . and those entries start to come true as well.To his horror, Cole soon discovers that someone has created a Wikipedia page for him, and included a date of death. He has one week to figure out who's behind the murders, or else he's set to meet a pretty grisly end.

Tag, You're Dead

J.C. Lane - 2016
    This secret, one-of-a-kind, wildly expensive Game offers a macabre twist to the childhood version...if you get Tagged, you get Dead.Three "Its" have their reasons for buying a place in the Game. Surgically enhanced Brandy is obsessed with destroying a naturally beautiful girl. Untalented Robert covets his target's position as superstar of the basketball team. Brainiac Charles craves a battle against an intellectual equal. Given their elite social status, they reject any possible downside to the contest. Each expects the satisfaction of killing their prey, then walking away.Hand-picked innocents play as "Runners," under threat to their loved ones should they refuse to participate: lovely, small-town Laura; celebrated athlete Tyrese; and Amanda, gamer extraordinaire. Alone, hunted by their adversary, each feels a single survive.Technological wizardry controls the Game. As soon as Runners receive the "Go" signal on smartwatches locked to their wrists, the Game rockets them through the city, from the El to Michigan Avenue to the Lincoln Park Zoo. There is no time to rest. Every thirty minutes the Runner's location is transmitted to the It, which steadily diminishes the Runner's chance of ever reaching Home Base alive.The Game will not end until someone is Tagged, so the Runners must choose how to play. Will they accept death? Murder their Its? Or find a way to use individual strengths to stop the Game before anyone dies?