Knight of the Hunted: A YA Menage Paranormal Romance

Elizabeth Dunlap - 2017
    Yet, to save the life of one innocent child, she will risk everything. Now, with the Council's Hunters on her heels, her only chance of survival is to run. Lost and starving, she stumbles onto Knight—who harbors dark secrets of his own. As a Lycan, he is fated to be her enemy. But honor demands he keep her safe, no matter the cost. Forced together in the fight of their lives, the pair find their forced alliance developing into something more. With darkness lashing at them from all sides, the only thing that can save them is the most powerful force of all... love. Knight of the Hunted is a must-read, young adult page-turner written by Elizabeth Dunlap! ***--*** As mentioned in the description, this is a slow build reverse harem paranormal romance. You may not see the harem for several books, but don't fret! It's definitely there! If slow build isn't your thing, that's completely fine! But if you don't mind waiting a little for it, keep reading!

Teeth: The First Bite

Chele Cooke - 2015
    We must be cannibals.”Medical student Thomas wakes up in a blood-drenched basement room, with no memory of how or why he got there.Spencer has the answers, and now he must train Thomas to follow the rules of being a vampire – under the watchful gaze of his own mentor.But how will Thomas practice medicine when the smell of blood turns him into a vicious killer?Can Spencer teach Thomas to master his new powers, before he’s turned from predator into prey?Teeth: The First Bite is the first book in the Teeth series.


D.C. Gambel
    Will it be enough?Gabriella Carmichael may be the world’s only day-walking vampire. With one foot in the world of man and the other in the supernatural realm, she never quite knows where she belongs. Her only desire is a life outside the vampire nest she calls home and away from the master whose sight is set on her. Then she meets Grayson, who awakens her humanity—and her heart—and nothing else matters to her. She’s willing to nurture their newfound love at all costs, including enraging Anton, the nest master.Business comes easily to Grayson Alexander. His acumen makes him one of the richest and most influential men in New York. Love is a different matter. The elusive emotion always stops just beyond his grasp. When he runs head-on into Gaby, everything about her lures him in. He knows she’s harboring a secret, one he’s desperate to understand. He worries if she’s hiding things from him, their blossoming romance may not survive.The further things go, the more torn Gaby becomes. Involvement between vampires and humans is strictly forbidden. Should their clandestine relationship be uncovered, it could cost Grayson his life.

Beauty & Rage

Natalie Bennett - 2019
    Death and destruction followed in his wake. The sun fell from the sky and has yet to return. Now trapped in a world where the savage and corrupt rule, my life has been compromised. He stole my crown with bloodstained hands and claimed me as his queen. Reyes Straykova is seductively cruel. Volatile and ruthless, a vicious beast. His sinister game has just begun. Bow to the king and watch chaos reign. Beauty & Rage is the first book in the Broken Crowns series. It's PNR (the main characters are not vampires, shifters, or fae) & contains varying triggers.

Child of the Night

Nancy Kilpatrick - 1996
    Nancy Kilpatrick takes the mythos out of the sensual vampire and brings the exceptional creature to a state of haunting superiority when dealing with homo inferior.

Moon Born (The Wolf Wars Series Book 3)

H.D. Gordon - 2018
     I may have escaped a life of slavery, but the rest of the werewolf people still lived under the oppression of the Pack Masters. I’ve finally found a home and a love I would kill to protect, but in order to free the Dogs of their magical collars, I must embark on a dangerous journey that will take me to the ends of the realms. With a smart-mouthed and untrustworthy demon by my side, I will have to face my fears and risk my life, all the while making tough decisions with unknowable consequences. In the shadows of the world, I’ll find creatures straight out of nightmares, and must try not to let the darkness swallow me whole. From the author of The Blood Pack Trilogy, The Alexa Montgomery Series, and The Aria Fae Series comes the third book in the epic fantasy Wolf Wars Series.

Blood Moon

J.L. McCoy - 2014
    James’ introduction to the world of the supernatural was traumatic to say the least. Betrayed by the man she could have loved, she was held captive and used by Dark vampires as a pawn against her best friend, Skye Morrison. Being abused and violated by the vampires was devastating, but learning she has lost everything she values in this world because of Skye’s secrets, just might destroy her.Called upon by Skye to rescue a girl he barely knew, Dean Cruz and his werewolf pack fight to save Nikki St. James. With her world shattered and nowhere else to go, he takes her in and vows to protect her and eliminate any remaining threat. As Alpha, it’s his duty to defend and help those in need, but caring for a human outsider causes unforeseen complications and jealousy within the pack that may jeopardize Nikki’s healing and their possible future together.Will Nikki be able to survive and let go of the demons that haunt her?Can Dean earn Nikki’s trust and protect her from the potential dangers that lie ahead?

Dante's Girl

Natasha Rhodes - 2007
    But when Karrel shockingly returns from the dead, Kayla is stunned to find out that everything she knew about the man she loved was a lie. Part of an underground network of supernatural hit-men, Karrel had secretly dedicated his life to exterminating the dangerous supernatural entities that stalked the streets of California. Now Kayla is on a mission to learn the Dark Arts so she can avenge Karrel¿s death and bring peace to the supernatural community by continuing his work. Not easy for a girl trying to hold down a job at the perfume counter to pay her mounting bills

Blood Dragons

Rosemary A. Johns - 2016
    His only company? A savage Elizabethan Blood lifer. And he’s keeping a secret from her that breaks every rule.London, 1960s. When a seductive human singer tempts Light with a forbidden romance, their worlds collide. At the same time, Light discovers his ruthless family’s horrifying experiments. Now he’s torn between slaying the humans he was raised to fear, or saving them.But an effort to play the hero could spell the end…for both species.

Beauty & Beast

Xandrie Kovak - 2017
    The problem? Somehow Red Crescent, North America's most brutal and dangerous pack of monsters, is involved. Even worse? Red Crescent only has one out and proud member from the fanged and furred closet. Drew 'Wild West' Weston, the seriously scary beast who took the Ultimate Feral Brawls circuit by storm.Camilla's willing to swallow her fear to do whatever it takes to save a friend, even go on a suicide mission to seduce a violent wolf. Though admittedly, using pheromones to catch his attention…Not the best idea.BEAUTY & BEAST is a hot and heavy installment of the Sinful Supes series. If you're a fan of dark intrigue and dominant shifters, sink your teeth into Beauty & Beast today.READER DISCRETION ADVISED (18+)

Dark Season: The Complete First Series

Amy Cross - 2012
    Total word count is over 180,000 words, approximately 700 to 800 pages of a printed book.When Sophie Hart is rescued from a mugging by a mysterious, silent vampire, she discovers that she is part of a dark prophecy. Patrick is the last vampire on Earth, having killed the rest of his species at the end of a bloody war, and he has plans for Sophie. But will she survive?This volume collects the first 8 Dark Season books, covering the entire first series. Along the way, Sophie encounters not only a vampire but also werewolves, ghosts, evil maids with sharp teeth, crazed psychiatrists and dream-sucking Tenderlings. She travels to Gothos, the ancestral home of the vampires. She discovers a secret hidden inside the body of an old woman, and later she finds another dark secret hidden inside her own body.This volume contains all 8 books in the first seriesBook 1: The Last VampireBook 2: SentinelBook 3: Army of WolvesBook 4: The Civil DeadBook 5: The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin KellerBook 6: GothosBook 7: TestamentBook 8: Dead EndAlso included in this collection is Lupine Howl volume I, the first volume in a new werewolf series set in the same universe as Dark Season, but with different characters.Please note: This book contains violence, swearing and sexual scenes. Also, the end of the whole book finishes on something of a cliffhanger, which will be resolved when the next Dark Season book comes out in July 2012.


Keira Blackwood
    But Hannah Lewis isn't just any coed. She happens to make the best microwaved brownies in Scarlet Harbor. Plus, she's a wolf shifter.On a mission to investigate reports of zombie-like monsters terrorizing the masses, vampire Bennet Pierce is prepared for anything—except for the blue-eyed vixen that changes everything. How can he protect her from harm if he himself is a threat?


Charlene Hartnady - 2015
    Brant is sure that this will result in Xavier mating with the lovely Esral. It couldn’t be further from the truth. ‘Flower’ is the second of a 3 part serial and is approximately 17,500 words/70 pages Be warned, the story contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. It is highly recommended that you start with Chosen by the Vampire Kings first for the most enjoyment.

Ties to the Blood Moon

Robin P. Waldrop - 2011
    Legends. fairytales. For most people they are stories, but for one girl they are her history. Genevieve finds herself in a world she never knew existed. And she's not sure if she wants to be a part of it.

Blood Calling

Joshua Grover-David Patterson - 2011
    She crashed her car, her best friend abandoned her, her parents divorced, and her grandfather passed away, leaving her a single possession: A vampire slaying kit with a note that said, “THEY’RE REAL. FIGHT THEM.” Now Lucy must stop the oldest, most dangerous vampire in history, before it can kill her family.