Let's Do It Again

Niobia Bryant - 2005
    But a hasty marriage at 18 led to an even quicker divorce, and a lifelong friendship dissolved into bitterness. Years later, they are reunited by the stipulations of a will, and the legacy gives them a second chance at love.

A Man Most Worthy

Marcus Major - 2003
    In A Man Most Worthy, he gives us the irresistible tale of a man who has everything-except the one woman he can't forget. At thirty-six, self-made millionaire John Sebastian has achieved the kind of success that most men only dream of. His up-from-the-ground security systems business is booming, his home is a palace, and his gorgeous young girlfriend worships the ground he walks on. But seven years ago, John did something he has regretted ever since: He allowed the woman he loved to walk out of his life. Now, four years away from the big four-oh, he has come up with a plan for the rest of his life. He's going to win back Josephine Flowers, no matter what it takes-even moving back to his New Jersey hometown and overcoming the fact that she is now married to another. But his greatest challenge still lies ahead: to prove himself deserving of this special woman's love. A story about reconnecting with the past and risking everything you have-most of all your heart-A Man Most Worthy is another sexy, witty, and wise offering from one of today's most gifted talents-an author most worthy of the kind of success this wonderful new novel is certain to bring.

A Lover's Dream

AlTonya Washington - 2006
    Quest Ramsey and his brother Quaysar belong to one of Seattle's most successful families, and Michaela is in town to profile them for an upcoming biography. But when Michaela uncovers a secret that threatens to ruin his family name, she'll have to choose between the integrity of her profession, and the love she never thought she'd find.

What Love Tastes Like

Zuri Day - 2010
    . .Burned by an unhappy childhood, Tiffany Matthews plays life safe. So she never saw wealthy businessman Dominick Rollins--or their wildly-sensual European encounter--coming. But now that she's landed a sous chef job at Dominick's prestigious hotel, she's determined to keep her fine new boss at arm's length--and their relationship professional. . .Dominick can't resist coming back for more. Tiffany's honesty is the one ingredient none of his glamorous exes has ever served up. And he's using every tempting glance and touch to melt Tiffany's defenses and show her the caring man under his sophisticated image. But is what they have enough for Tiffany to risk her heart--or will this love prove way too hot to handle?"An exciting read. Zuri Day does a fantastic job."--Urban Reviews on Lies Lovers Tell"A completely entertaining love story." --Romantic Times on Body By Night


Nia Forrester - 2013
    This is it . . .Keisha Crawford is at a crossroads. Just when she thought she’d finally risen above the scandal in her past, her latest “sugar daddy” passes away, and now she’s being evicted from the luxury penthouse she thought was hers. Slinking home to her father’s house with her tail between her legs, Keisha’s only goal is to get out of Brooklyn and back to the lifestyle that she’s become accustomed to. But when you go home again, it’s that much harder to let go of the person you used to be.

Love Delivered

Love Belvin - 2014
    So now what? Will Stenton get the favorable results he hoped for when he plotted years ago? Or will he find himself forever exiled from Zoey’s love? Her carefully crafted life plan had to be re-charted due to unexpected circumstances. Now that Zoey has successfully forged a new path, can she navigate Stenton’s many obstacles and find her way to love? Find out in Love Delivered.

I'm Doin' Me

Anna Black - 2013
    All was well and things were perfect for Tiffany until the day she got the news that her show was going to be cancelled, before going home to catch her man in bed with the hired help. Determined to find a new home for her show and to get over her two-timing ex boyfriend Jeff, she seeks out every network on the roaster, but get's nowhere until she gets interest from TiMax, a cable network ran by Langley Green, father of Tressa Green who happens to be the fiance of Tiffany's old high school crush Kory Banks. The queen of L.A. Tressa, Kory's soon to be bride, not only wants to keep Tiffany and Kory apart, before they jump the broom, she also wants to make sure Tiffany's show never airs on her father's network. Although Kory and Tiffany realize that there is still an attraction for each other, Kory decides to move on with Tressa and Tiffany decides to focus on her career, but love is love and Tressa's schemes and manipulative devices to destroy Tiffany, causes her to lose more than Kory in the end.

Full Figured

Brenda Hampton - 2010
    She's taken to her bed, watching life pass her by--until Roc, a 24-year-old with a jaw-dropping body comes along. Desa Rae can't keep her eyes open or legs closed to a man who excites her like no other man has. But can she really be serious about a man who is almost the same age as her son?Avery Belmont is a diva in her own right. Smart, sassy, and successful, she has always had it going on; so much so that not only did the full-figured beauty catch the eye of Duke, the sexiest dude on the block, but she encouraged him to leave the dope game and become legit. Now, seven years later, Avery is working hard and trying to move ahead, but it seems that Duke isn't feeling the same way. Working with Kurt, her attractive coworker, isn't helping her situation. Is the love between Avery and Duke strong enough to keep them together, or will the strength of that love make them realize it's time to let go?

Pandora's Box

Allison Hobbs - 2003
    . . and her quest to fight her way back.Victoria Carlton invested everything into her dream of becoming a singer--her hopes, her time, her life savings--only to fall victim to the harsh realities of the recording industry. Devastated, broke, and faced with the choice between committing herself and her young son to a world of homeless shelters or entering the seedy world of prostitution, she applies for a job at Pandora's Box, a downtown Philadelphia brothel that bills itself as a "massage salon." Her lifestyle quickly improves, and the gratification of instant cash replaces her willingness to find a low-paying, legitimate occupation.One day, an unlikely customer appears at Pandora's Box. Young, handsome, and well dressed, he is immediately drawn to Victoria. The two begin a love affair fraught with complications, leaving Victoria plagued by guilt and insecurities until a botched robbery and the murder of a coworker compel her to look beyond the fast money and reclaim her morals--and her life.

Lookin' For Luv

Carl Weber - 2000
    When they call 1-900-BLACK LUV they discover that when you play the game of love you have to be ready for anything.

The Boy with a Broken Heart

Durjoy Datta - 2017
    And now you're turning away from me. You are saying something but I can't hear you. It's too windy. You're crying now. Now you're smiling. I'm done. I love you...' It's been two years since Raghu left his first love Brahmi on the edge of the roof one fateful night--he couldn't save her. Having lost everything, Raghu now wants to stay hidden from the world. However, the annoyingly persistent Advaita finds his elusiveness very attractive. And thee more he ignores her, the more she's drawn to him till she bulldozes her way into an unlikely friendship.What attracts at first, begins to grate. Advaita can't help but want to knwo what Raghu's left behind, what he's hiding, and who broke his heart. She wants to love him back to life, but for that she needs to discover what wrecked him in the first place .After all, the antidote to heartache is love.

Games Lovers Play

Mark Dunson - 2014
    When Rob's busy schedule leaves Shelia longing for love and affection she falls into the arms of Jason. Jason is the handsome and powerful heir to The Young Family Empire. He has been married to his beautiful wife Karen for three years. He loves her and treats her like a queen, but lately he seeks adventure. When he begins an affair with Sheila he finds out she’s just the adventure he needs. After they decide they will keep their affair going, Jason creates some rules. But when feelings began to develop and the rules get broken, drama begins. How far will Jason and Sheila go to protect their affair? Games Lovers Play is the first book in the Games Lovers Play Series. Each Book is about 30,000 words. This book contains page turning drama and explosive love scenes!

At First Kiss

Gwyneth Bolton - 2011
    Major players on the singles' scene, the last thing on either of their minds is playing for keeps. Until Jasmine is forced into a temporary marriage of convenience. And she realizes the sexy-as-all-get-out man is the one she wants to have and to hold….The free-living, free-loving playboy Troy never planned to turn in his player's card. But the proposal intrigues him…especially since he can't keep his hands off the hot-as-sin reporter. As the passion heats up between the newlyweds and rising media stars, Troy makes a new vow. He'll win the heart of the woman he's promised to honor forever with the love that began with a single kiss….

Loving Angel

Carry Lowe - 2013
    Angel soon realizes that it’s always those you are closet to who can hurt you the most because they are the ones you put your trust in. Will she retaliate against those around her who have caused her pain or will she learn forgiveness?Run the streets with Tyga a young thug fresh from the pen after serving a yearlong bid for a gun charge. He’s just trying to make some money and mess with as many bitches as possible. It wasn’t in his plans to fall in love that is until he meets Angel. He thinks it’s going to be another hit it and quit it, but she manages to get under his skin in a way no one else has managed to. Now he finds himself building a life with her but Tyga still can’t seem to give up his player ways and its beginning to affect his relationship. To make matters worse someone in his organization doesn’t want to see him at the top and is trying to take him down by any means necessary.Show more Show less

Save Me If You Can

Christina C. Jones - 2015
    In this final installment of the “If You Can” series, questions are answered, hidden motives are revealed, secrets are brought to light, and this dangerous adventure comes to a conclusion. Partnerships ruined by betrayal.Lovers tested by secrets.Families broken by lies.With everything around them in shambles, which relationships will endure?And when the story comes full circle… who will come out alive?(This is book 3/3 of a series)