Encyclopedia Mythologica: Fairies and Magical Creatures Pop-Up

Matthew Reinhart - 2008
    Further on, a crystalline elfin castle rises into the clouds, not far from some scary hobgoblins and trolls. And on a truly stunning spread, a humanoid magical tree spreads its branches to reveal a face within its foliage, while flowers unfold and rearrange their petals, turning into flower fairies. Visiting mythical beings around the world, from household brownies to the merfolk lurking deep below the sea, this breathtaking 3-D book, brimming with facts and fancy, will hold humans of all ages in its spell.

The Runes of Elfland

Ari Berk - 2003
    Featuring 24 new full-color, rune-inspired paintings and dozens of black-and-white sketches by Froud, as well as more than 100 pages of the folklore and mythology surrounding each rune, this book if packed with notable legends, such as the Birch Mother, the Woman of the Marsh, the Ever-Living, the Green Girl of the Birches, and the Day-Child. * * * The Runes of Elfland is a perfect gift book for anyone who enjoys Celtic folklore and mythology, as well as for those interested in faeries and fantasy. Froud fanatics will treasure this offering, which is both art book and folklore collection. "A single word can be a world and every letter a land. A rune drawn upon the ground can have curious consequences, might invite adventure, may open ancient doors. Here are the Runes of Elfland. Here are the songs of the shining lands. Here are signs of crossing and threshold. Here are stories of fate and illumination. Chant the charm, tell the tale, and step across " Paul Goat Allen- From School Library Journal:"If runes are the keys to Faery, this book is an Open Sesame."


Yoshitaka Amano - 2006
    In Fairies he turns his considerable talent to capturing in breathtaking images characters from such beloved stories as Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the wizard Merlin and his muse the intoxicating Nimue, mermaids of the deep as well as his interpretation of fairies from Celtic and Japanese mythology.

Flower Fairies of the Wayside

Cicely Mary Barker - 1985
    This title includes stories such as: The White Bind-Weed Fairy, The Jack-Go-To-Bed-at-Noon Fairy and The Red Clover Fairy.

Classic Fairy Tales

Scott Gustafson - 2002
    The stories, chosen and edited by the artist, are a balance of 'princess' classics and frolicking adventure tales. Artist Scott Gustafson spent more than four years creating the seventy-five rich oil paintings, reproduced here in full color. His style is reminiscent of N.C. Wyeth and Wyeth;s gifted student Jessie Wilcox Smith (plus a touch of Arthur Rackham in the fairies). The rounded-face, glowing children and charming interiors contribute to Gustafson's unique and contemporary style, which will capture the hearts of even the most hard-boiled media-savvy child.Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 10/15/2003 Pages: 144 Reading Level: Age 9 and Up

A Dark Horn Blowing

Dahlov Ipcar - 1978
    “If you purchase only one book of fantasy this year, make it this one.”--School Library Journal

The Book of Wizard Craft: In Which the Apprentice Finds Spells, Potions, Fantastic Tales 50 Enchanting Things to Make

Janice Eaton Kilby - 2001
    “Lavishly illustrated throughout...the first of its kind, a fabulous fantasy and a how-to crafts book in one.”—Hobby Merchandiser.

The Magic Paintbrush

Laurence Yep - 2000
    With his new paintbrush, whatever he paints becomes real. Now he, Grandfather, and Uncle Fong can wish for anything they want. Uncle Fong uses the paintbrush to return to China, to the village of his childhood, and Grandfather wants to visit the Lady on the Moon. Steve wonders if the paintbrush can bring his parents back. But they all soon realize the paintbrush might have its own agenda. .

The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries

Pierre Dubois - 1996
    Illustrated in color throughout.

The Book of the Dragon

Ciruelo Cabral - 1991
    Dragons fill the roles of monstrous, terrifying beasts in fairy tales, but their own story was one that remained a mystery until now. The Book of the Dragon delves into the secret world of these captivating animals, revealing a rich and fascinating culture filled with poetry, magic, jewels, and knowledge.

A Midsummer Night's Faery Tale

Terri Windling - 1999
    22 color photos.

In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World of Pixie Hollow

Monique Peterson - 2006
    For just beyond the world you see, there is another world where the air shimmers with pixie dust and the impossible happens every day. Far beyond the horizon, on the magical island of Never Land, there is a patch of forest called Pixie Hollow. Never fairies have lived in these enchanted woods for as long as anyone can remember, in a realm that is all their own. Here, butterfly-herding fairies guide their flocks to fields of flowers. Water fairies create symphonies from the tiniest trickles of water. Harvest fairies collect honeysuckle nectar by hand, and animal fairies chat with hummingbirds in their own language. For among the Never fairies, there is a talent for every task, and each thing the fairies do is touched with magic. Now you can step into Pixie Hollow and take a good look around, with this complete guide to the fascinating world of the Never fairies. Learn what fairies eat for dinner, where pixie dust comes from, how to cure the fairy flu, and much more. With loads of fairy facts, profiles of your favorite fairies, and beautiful illustrations on every page, this is the ultimate guide for anyone who believes in fairies.

Fairies and Elves

Tristram Potter Coffin - 1984
    From cover to cover they are thoughtful, beautiful books. Illus by Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac and many others. Faries and Elves are Showcased in this volume: Recounts legends and folktales from around the world concerning people's encounters with elves and fairies

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Newt Scamander: A Movie Scrapbook

Rick Barba - 2016
    Rowling’s Wizarding World, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Peer inside Newt Scamander’s enchanted suitcase, encounter marvelous creatures, roam the streets of 1920s New York City, and meet Newt’s fascinating friends! This magical scrapbook takes readers on an interactive adventure through Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Filled with removable artifacts, such as wizarding newspapers, posters, and other fascinating finds, this book has something for everyone!


Wil Huygen - 1976
    Come join in the 20th-anniversary fun as gnomania strikes again!Did you know that gnome couples always have twin children? Or that a gnome is seven times as strong as a human? Do you want to hear some gossip from the gnome who knew Rembrandt? Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet's charming illustrations and physician Wil Huygen's detailed observations of the gnomes' habits, anatomy, and lifestyle are a delight for readers of all ages. Children will adore the gnome family's underground home and the constant interaction with animals; adults will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek scientific data. Gnomebody is immune to the gnomes' tremendous appeal--and a whole new generation is waiting to love them for the first time!