After Hours

Rochelle Alers - 2008
    She flees Brooklyn to start over in an upscale suburb, living among the pampered and polished women she's always envied. But beyond the mansions and manicured lawns lies a world she never would have thought possible....Sybil's exclusive catering business disguises her lucrative sideline venture: she's Delectable, a dominatrix who entertains at bachelor parties. Karla lives on a multimillion-dollar estate, and she and her husband enjoy an open marriage...but her need for male attention is starting to get dangerously out of control.And as Adina is drawn into the sizzling reality beyond her friends' perfect facades, she's also dealing with a new man, who's blissfully unaware of her not-so-innocent past. Now, each woman is about to discover that every passion has a price...and that some secrets are simply impossible to keep

Madaris Saga: Tonight And Forever\Whispered Promises\Eternally Yours

Brenda Jackson - 2004
    Madaris Saga by Brenda Jackson released on Oct 25, 2004 is available now for purchase.

With This Ring

Allison Hobbs - 2013
    Is Drake Morgan the determined entrepreneur she thought he was or a gangster and ruthless killer? After a bout with alcoholism and an emotional breakdown, Nivea is trying to rebuild her life, but the explosive result of her child’s paternity test threatens to destroy her fragile family ties. Desperate for her new man to put a ring on it, Vangie sacrifices her morals and puts a lifelong friendship to the test.From the bestselling author of Big Juicy Lips and Double Dippin’, this edgy new novel is sure to please both Allison Hobbs fans and newcomers looking for a spicy read.

Never Trust a Broken Heart

Ivy Symone - 2015
    The emptiness that Redd inflicts on her makes her wonder if there’s anyone else out there for her. She stumbles upon Blyss Blakemore; otherwise known as Bebe, and immediately they begin a love affair that’s incredibly undeniable. Bebe entering her life seemed to be what Mikina needed. However, Bebe isn’t sure he has the patience for waiting in the shadows while Mikina figures out what she wants to do. Will Miki get the strength to move on once Bebe gives an ultimatum, or will she remain in the tumultuous relationship that she has become accustomed to? Never Trust a Broken Heart takes you on Mikina’s emotional journey to healing. But will it all end leaving Bebe questioning if the old saying remains true, that you can Never Trust a Broken Heart?

Heart's Desire

Monica Jackson - 1998
    In a desperate move to destroy the senator's chances at reelection, Kara joins his staff, and sets her sights on his loyal right-hand man. But soon, her feelings for Brent Stevens leave her caught between desire and disaster, love and lies.

No More Drama

La Jill Hunt - 2004
    Original. 20,000 first printing.

The Right of Love

Love Belvin - 2017
    Or in wayward love, the drama is sprinkled in between passionate lovemaking’.” “That sounds more like one of them novels you like to read.” “No. Ours is too hilly to be a traditional romance story.” And it is. Journey the conclusion to Love Belvin’s riveting “Wayward Love” series, and see how errant the path to Isaak and Kennedi’s happily ever after is. What is a perfect love story? Does it not include disappointment, betrayal, distractions, guilt, and anger? Just how much can these two take before they decide the victory of love isn’t worth the pain? Note: This is the final installment of a three book series. It contains expletive language, and sexual content. If you do not wish to have these elements in your reads, this is not the venture for you.

His First Wife

Grace Octavia - 2008
    From the fresh, smart new author behind "Take Her Man" comes a sexy new novelabout one woman who's facing what's real and getting it all on her own terms.320 pp.

Dirty To The Grave

Karen Williams - 2010
    Cashmere, brings you this dark street tale. Follow the highs and lows of Cha, Goldie, and Red, who come together for fun, laughs, and sometimes treachery in Long Beach, California. For these three ladies, survival was always about getting over by using lies, deceit, and sex. But when a plan goes dangerously wrong, Cha and Goldie take a step back out of the life. Cha desperately wants to rid herself of the demons of her past so she can at least feel normal enough to raise her son, Omari. Goldie ain't feeling the hood life anymore. She's tired of going from man to man, and knows her parents are rolling over in their graves at the life she chose for herself. Red craves the streets, and will cross anyone, friends included, to get what she wants. She steps deeper in the game, making her dirtier than she already is--so dirty that she will betray both Cha and Goldie, leading to horrifying consequences. Dirty to the Grave goes harder than Karen Williams has ever gone, with an explosive ending that will shock you and make you wonder: Are your friends really your friends? They say life is hard from the cradle to the grave, and once you think people can't get any dirtier, they do!

Don't Come Looking For Love

Natavia - 2015
    Britain Washington falls head over heels for O'Shea, the son of a ruthless king pin. When the two young teenagers discover love for the first time, Yager stops at anything to keep them apart. Yager plans eventually work forcing Britain to move away. She comes back eight years later and old secrets resurface, lies and betrayal. O'Shea is a multi-platinum rapper now and wants nothing more to live the fast rapper lifestyle with groupies and partying. He runs into Britain and the two rekindle the flame they once had. This is is a tale about young love, hurt, lies, deceit, sex and murder. Child-hood friends growing up and turning against each other. There is only one rule, Don't Come Looking For love.

Eve of Passion

A.C. Arthur - 2014
    And in the wealthy enclave of Wintersage, Massachusetts, there's an abundance of lavish parties, society drama and longing hearts to keep them busy. Premier event planner Janelle Howerton swore off dating after college. Now her father wants her to make nice with an influential donor to his congressional campaign. After all, it's just one date…. Billionaire Ballard Dubois wants to help Darren Howerton win the election. But he wants Darren's daughter more—and his desires seldom go unfulfilled. Suddenly "one date" quickly spirals into a hot relationship, and celebrity gossip sites crown them the new "it" couple. And when Ballard proposes all of a sudden, Janelle shocks herself by saying…yes! As the wedding date looms, Janelle and Ballard wonder: Is this marriage a mere political ploy? Or could this become a real, lifelong love?

Getting Some of Her Own

Gwynne Forster - 2007
    Thanks to an inheritance, she can start her own interior design business. It's not quite the life Susan hoped for, but she's determined to chart a new course...and shake things up.When architect Lucas Hamilton accepts Susan's dinner invitation, the result is a night of seduction neither can forget--yet neither intends to repeat. While Susan focuses on her new life, Lucas focuses on becoming wealthier than the absent father he resents. But when his father resurfaces, Lucas finds himself turning to Susan for counsel. And as their paths cross repeatedly, their feelings for each other strengthen. Yet the secret Susan is hiding may destroy any future they share..."A love-conquers-all story with a few twists and turns to keep readers turning the pages. I enjoyed it from cover to cover. Getting Some of Her Own is classic Gwynne Forster." --The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

An Unconventional Love: A Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2015
    A fling here and there? Definitely. But full blown commitment? No way in hell. Dealing with a man full-time is just not worth the trouble when you can get what you want and get away like it never happened. That was the plan when she met Rich, a good and worthy fling, but exactly that...a fling. Until the cravings start. And Jasmine is forced into a whole new realm of life when she least expected it. (Warning : This book contains a few spoilers for Getting The Edge)

Big Booty

Cairo - 2013
    Born in the projects and bred in the streets, Cassandra has been on her own since age fourteen. She learned how to make a way out of no way—from boosting clothes to credit card scams to sex, doing whatever she had to do to survive. Unfortunately for her, seducing men out of their money (and their minds) came easy. And it didn’t take much for a young Cassandra to have guys of all ages eating out of the palm of her hand. A blessing and a curse, the alluring sway of her hips commands attention—wanted and unwanted. But escaping the ghetto has never been a desire for her. And she has no qualms about sleeping with anyone who is willing to satisfy her libido and help her in her quest to get to the next level of ghetto-fabulousness—no matter the costs.

Tempted by Trouble

Eric Jerome Dickey - 2010
     We can plan all we want, but sometimes fate has a different agenda... Dmytryk was a respectable man... once. College educated, happily married, a stable job at a car factory in Detroit. He's the king of the world with nowhere to go but up. But when a crippling recession annihilates the auto industry, Dmytryk and his wife Cora suddenly find themselves without jobs. And after two years of trying to live honestly, they begin to realize that honesty just doesn't pay the bills. Afraid of losing her home and her marriage, Cora compromises her faith and makes some choices that she isn't proud of. And when a powerful and ruthless crime boss named Eddie Coyle gives them an opportunity to buy back their old lives, Cora urges Dmytryk to man up. All he has to do is join Eddie's crime ring and rob some banks: two minutes, in and out, nobody gets hurt. Torn between desperation and his moral integrity, Dmytryk gives in, but no sooner does he enter a life of crime than Cora abandons him, taking with her his dreams for a better life and disappearing without a trace. Now, more determined than ever to get his life back on track, Dmytryk is only one bank job away from having enough money to leave Eddie Coyle and find Cora. But when the job goes dangerously wrong, he realizes yet again that destiny has another plan for him. Forced into seclusion with one of his partners -- a dangerous and damaged woman with a plan of her own - Dmytryk wonders if he'll ever find his way back to his old life. And in the end, will he even want to?