The Widow's Mite

Ferrol Sams - 1987
    In the title story, the young widow Higbee teaches the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Faceville a hilarious lesson about tithing. Young Mamie Kate learns about "Fulfillment" when she sits on Miss Addie's front porch and pretends not to listen to the adult conversation. In "Porphyria's Lover," a scheming bisexual's double life brings catastrophe and death. And the "Big Star Woman" plans to sue her friend Dr. Glass after the operation she requested to improve her sex life has an unexpectedly tragic effect on her marriage.Through these tales of everyday life and death in the South, Ferrol Sams, one of America's most beloved storytellers, illuminates the human mind and the human spirit.


Benjamin Weissman - 2004
    . . an alphabet soup of -delight in language. Eat up."—Alice Sebold"Brilliant. Wildly inventive, profane, and hilarious."—Bret Easton EllisThe author of the acclaimed cult classic Dear Dead Person ("refreshing, nauseating, hilarious"—Kirkus) returns with this long-awaited collection of brilliantly written and outrageously imaginative short stories.Benjamin Weissman is the author of Dear Dead Person (High Risk/Serpent’s Tail, 1995). He is a contributing editor to Bomb Magazine and writes regularly for the contemporary art magazines Parkett and Artforum. A painter and a professor at Art Center College of Design and Otis College of the Arts, he now lives in Los Angeles.

The Half-Mammals of Dixie

George Singleton - 2003
    As the author says of his characters, "They're regular people just trying to get by." Among them: a boy whose reputation is ruined when he appears in a head-lice documentary; a lovelorn father who woos his third-grader's teacher with creative show-and-tells; and a former pharmaceuticals salesman who waits for the word of God to tell him what to paint on next the "primitive" canvases he sells for big bucks to an art dealer.

Accidental Birds of the Carolinas

Marjorie Hudson - 2011
    In the centerpiece story, an eighteenth-century Eno Indian tells of the fiery fate of his adopted father, English explorer John Lawson. In the surrounding stories, the age-old conflicts between newcomer and old-timer play out as twenty-first century retirees, carnies, runaways, heartbroken women, and farmers stumble into new lives and new insights in Ambler County, North Carolina. "Hudson's prose is pure as birdsong," says novelist Doris Betts. "These fine stories of change and discovery are a field guide to the human species in transition."

Brother Frank's Gospel Hour: Stories

W.P. Kinsella - 1995
    These eleven stories continue the adventures of Silas Ermineskin and his sidekick Frank Fencepost, as Kinsella returns to the Cree Indian reserve in Hobbema, Alberta, where his cast of zany characters, last seen in The Fencepost Chronicles and The Miss Hobbema Pageant, is at its wry best.Here Frank Fencepost, true to form as a fast-talking con artist, outwits the Alberta Supreme Court in a hilarious cattle-insemination case in "Bull." In the title story he becomes an evangelizing Robin Hood, turning the government-sponsored K-U-G-H radio show into a scheme to use listeners' donations to fund listeners' wishes (and incidentally line his pockets), and in "Miracle on Manitoba Street" he visits a Montana reserve where he carves a picture of the Virgin Mary on a derelict Frigidaire and convinces the local medicine woman it's a miracle—one worthy of an admission charge.Not all the stories are humorous: "Dream Catcher" grapples with sexual violence when Silas's twelve-year-old sister is assaulted and Mad Etta, the community's four-hundred-pound medicine woman, provides a nightmare "cure" for the would-be rapist; "Ice Man" depicts gender discrimination, as Jason Twelve Trees fights to participate in a cooking competition despite his father's wish for him to become a mechanic; and "The Rain Birds" shows the consequences of the government's computer-driven corporate farms riding roughshod over the human and natural environment in western Canada.

Love Life: Stories

Bobbie Ann Mason - 1989
    One of the most highly regarded writers in America, the author of In Country, presents 16 wise and potent stories that are mainly about small-town people coping with love: its kinds and degrees, its pressures and residues, its ties and kinks.

Two Or Three Graces: Four Stories

Aldous Huxley - 1926
    Two or Three Graces (1926), Aldous Huxley's fourth collection of short fiction, consists of the following four short pieces:"Two or Three Graces" "Half Holiday" "The Monocle" "Fairy Godmother"

Waiting for the Evening News: Stories of the Deep South

Tim Gautreaux - 2010
    In stories filled with heart and humour, Tim Gautreaux explores the stresses and strains of everyday life as his characters struggle to make amends for their mistakes and hope for different, better days to come.


Roald Dahl - 1986
    Schofield challenges Pratt to a test of his expertise and their wager grows until the stakes are immense. Neither party can afford to lose but neither will call of the bet.

Knock Knock

Chuck Palahniuk - 2010
    The story “Knock Knock” is about a boy who grows up with his dad always telling these horrible jokes.

Sugar Among the Freaks

Lewis Nordan - 1996
    The incomparable Lewis Nordan's first two collections of short fiction--WELCOME TO THE ARROW-CATCHER FAIR and THE ALL-GIRL FOOTBALL TEAM--originally published in 1983 and 1986, have long been out of print in all editions. Collectors' items, these two books are now almost impossible for Nordan fans to find anywhere.To rectify that, Algonquin is delighted to announce a selection of fifteen of the best stories from the two books, newly arranged and introduced by fellow Mississippian, bookseller Richard Howorth, and with a foreword by the author. Critics have called Lewis Nordan's fiction "extraordinary" and "marvelous" and "stunning" and "scorching" and "story-telling genius." The selected stories show that genius in the making. "Characters that people the South hobble and dance across the pages of his short stories."--United Press International; "Delightfully eccentric situations and colorful language add up to a work that is even stronger than WOLF WHISTLE."--Library Journal.

Sean of the South: Whistling Dixie

Sean Dietrich - 2016
    His humor and short fiction appear in various publications throughout the Southeast.

Dogfight: And Other Stories

Michael Knight - 1998
    In "Now You See Her, " a widower learns that he and his teenage son share the same clandestine activity of spying on the woman next door. While working a summer job at a shipyard, a sixteen-year-old boy witnesses a terrible accident in "Gerald's Monkey." And in the title story, "Dogfight, " a neighborhood feud leads a man not only to covet his neighbor's wife, but also to regret the loss of his own marriage.With both remarkable grace and subtle power, "Dogfight And Other Stories" proves that Michael Knight is a bright new talent and a master at portraying the poignancy of small struggles.

White People

Allan Gurganus - 1991
    Here are war heroes bewildered by the complex negotiations of family life, former debutantes called upon to muster resources they never knew they had, vacationing senior citizens confronted by their own bravery, and married men brought up short by the marvelous possibilities of entirely different lives.  Written with flair, wit, and deep humanity, this award-winning volume confirms Allan Gurganus as one of the finest writers of our time.


Dana Stabenow - 2011
    Living together in the state of chaotic disarray that is the bachelor's birthright, they little suspect the fate that others are preparing for them.