D.C. Gambel
    Will it be enough?Gabriella Carmichael may be the world’s only day-walking vampire. With one foot in the world of man and the other in the supernatural realm, she never quite knows where she belongs. Her only desire is a life outside the vampire nest she calls home and away from the master whose sight is set on her. Then she meets Grayson, who awakens her humanity—and her heart—and nothing else matters to her. She’s willing to nurture their newfound love at all costs, including enraging Anton, the nest master.Business comes easily to Grayson Alexander. His acumen makes him one of the richest and most influential men in New York. Love is a different matter. The elusive emotion always stops just beyond his grasp. When he runs head-on into Gaby, everything about her lures him in. He knows she’s harboring a secret, one he’s desperate to understand. He worries if she’s hiding things from him, their blossoming romance may not survive.The further things go, the more torn Gaby becomes. Involvement between vampires and humans is strictly forbidden. Should their clandestine relationship be uncovered, it could cost Grayson his life.


K.B. Ladnier - 2017
    Recommended for ages 18+ because of strong language and steamy sex scenes*** Lucy Bryant loves bright and pretty colors, girly clothes and music from pretty much any era before the 90's. Oh...and she's a vampire. A vampire who also happens to be the only tattoo artist that can tattoo another vampire and make it stay. She's lived a peaceful life as a blood sucking creature of the night so far, but all of it changes with a single tattoo. Vampires across the city are changing, turning into the monsters humans always feared they would become. The Supernatural Task Force has sent an agent to find out what she knows in hopes her information will help bring down those responsible. If that wasn't enough, Lucy is now thrown into a predicament she never thought she'd face. Her long time werewolf lover, the sexy mysterious agent, and a sociopathic vampire who has a deeper connection with her than she could imagine, are vying for her heart. Drugged vampires, a glitter obsessed best friend, a black hammer named Betty, and an Ancient vampire hell bent on taking over the city, are just a few things she's dealing with in her new normal. What's a vampire to do when the best option seems to be just locking herself away in her coffin?


Charlene Hartnady - 2015
    Brant is sure that this will result in Xavier mating with the lovely Esral. It couldn’t be further from the truth. ‘Flower’ is the second of a 3 part serial and is approximately 17,500 words/70 pages Be warned, the story contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. It is highly recommended that you start with Chosen by the Vampire Kings first for the most enjoyment.

The Patrick Sinclaire Story

Heather Killough-Walden - 2010
    His people have gone without a queen for countless ages, and in her absence, their powers have dwindled to half of what they were. They have searched for the very special woman - the latent - who could be turned and crowned as their female sovereign, for eons, and have failed to find her.Until now.There is only one problem. Their chosen queen does not wish to be a vampire. Can the vampire king and his people convince her to change her mind in time to save them all - and herself? Sinclaire is willing to go to any length, no matter how extreme, to make it so. One solitary woman hasn’t a hope in hell of withstanding the power and hunger of a desperate king and his entire vampire nation.

Sanguis City

Morgan Jane Mitchell - 2013
    No longer just a human with fangs, she is banished from the only place she called home, the Human Reservation. She wipes her tears and never looks back.In a world gone dead, life has never been so good, for some. While others live in chaos, the chosen call Sanguis City home. The rich and powerful found a way to survive The End and enjoy every minute of it, for eternity. On the brink of a gruesome death from starvation, disease or a hungry zombie, humans flock there to sell their blood for peace and security. The city of blood, made for and by vampires, welcomes Noir; her kind are in high demand. New vampires, the ones who bought immortality, need a loyal workforce. Neither Human nor Vampire, Bleeders take care of the city in the daylight. Draining humans by day and dating Vampires at night leaves Noir little time to think about her past, or much else, until it finds her.Noir never dreamed her fangs would be the ticket to the good life, but three years in the city has earned her a promising future, career and, just maybe, a love life. But when she falls for her charmingly sexy Professor, an Authentic Vampire, she also falls into a web of nightmares. Does she really know anything about the real Vampires or about the city she now calls home? Unable to escape painful memories, she uncovers more than her own secrets. Quickly her dystopian paradise starts crashing down around her, and some secrets just won't stay dead, and others are bound to kill her before finals week. Ending up in bed with a monster, in more ways than one, might not be as bad as she had imagined.

Scanguards Vampires Books 1-3

Tina Folsom - 2010
    Not even his shrink can help him. That changes when the lovely mortal auditor Delilah tumbles into his arms after a seemingly random attack. Suddenly there's nothing wrong with his hydraulics - that is, as long as Delilah is the woman in his arms.Amaury's HellionVampire Amaury LeSang is cursed to feel everybody's emotions like a permanent migraine. The only way to alleviate the pain is through intercourse. When he meets the feisty human woman Nina, a cure for his ailment seems within reach: in her presence, all pain vanishes. Unfortunately, Nina is out to kill him ...Gabriel's MateAfter Maya is turned into a vampire against her will, vampire and Scanguards bodyguard Gabriel is charged with protecting her and finding her attacker.Gabriel has never guarded a body as perfect as Maya’s. Even as the sexual tension between them rises and the rogue vampire closes in, Gabriel refuses to give into his desire. Despite the intimacies they share, Gabriel fears that if he ever reveals himself fully to her, Maya will react like other women have, running from him, calling him a monster ...Book 4, Yvette's Haven is available separately

The Vampire's Throne

A.J. Tipton - 2016
    A stunning photographer intrigued by the supernatural world. Together they must save their vampire kingdom…or die trying. Sexy vampire Christopher Dal has spent centuries recruiting free-thinkers and dreamers to turn into vampires. When he meets Alice, Christopher knows she would be the perfect addition to his vampire family. But once he turns her, he will become her sire and any romance between them will be impossible…and he’s already falling in love with her. Alice Jones’s dearest dream is to become a full-time photographer, leave her boring day job, and explore the world. But when she meets the handsome and mysterious Christopher at her first art show, she discovers that the world is more magical and perilous than she ever imagined. Just when immortality is within Alice’s reach, a vampire civil war erupts between Christopher’s followers and his power-hungry brother, Rhys. With the fate of vampire kind in Alice’s hands, will she choose safety or love? The Vampire’s Throne is an adult paranormal romance. If you like red-hot passion, blood-pumping drama, and satisfying love stories, then you’ll love the first installment of the sizzling Royal Blood series. The ROYAL BLOOD books may each be read as standalones. However, you may find they are best enjoyed in the following order: 1 - The Vampire’s Throne 2 - The Vampire’s Lair, 3 - The Vampire’s Escape, And Coming Soon: 4 - The Vampire’s Choice Buy The Vampire’s Throne to feed your passion today!

Dark Divide

G.K. DeRosa - 2018
    As Kaige struggles to protect her, they learn the truth behind Draconis’s darkest secret.  As it turns out, the prophecy isn’t the only thing threatening all of New Isos.  Enemies span both sides of the divide, and they’re rapidly closing in on the star-crossed pair. Can Kaige and Solaris find a way to stop the hidden horrors within their worlds before the truth gets them killed?  One-click above and find out today! If you can’t get enough of forbidden love, adventurous heroines, hot brooding vampire princes and non-stop, page-turning action, you’ll be hooked on The Vampire Prophecy books, the hot new vampire paranormal romance series.  The Vampire Prophecy:Dark Fates - Available nowDark Divide - Available nowDark Oblivion - Releasing June 28th

Highland Blood Moon

Carmen Caine - 2017
    To save her, he must make a choice—a choice that alters his destiny forever. This novella also includes the short story: Bonepicker My name is Raven. They call me a Bonepicker—a lone wolf, a wolf without a pack—but I’m no ordinary wolf. I’m a wolf of the Mists and I feed on carrion of a special kind, the Carrion of the Reaches. There’s not a Reach I can’t break into nor a place I can’t escape—in spite of having so many prices on my head, they’d confuse a calculator. Christmas is a holiday I'd rather forget, but then I accept a job from Lord Lucian Rowle and everything changes.

Blood Moon

J.L. McCoy - 2014
    James’ introduction to the world of the supernatural was traumatic to say the least. Betrayed by the man she could have loved, she was held captive and used by Dark vampires as a pawn against her best friend, Skye Morrison. Being abused and violated by the vampires was devastating, but learning she has lost everything she values in this world because of Skye’s secrets, just might destroy her.Called upon by Skye to rescue a girl he barely knew, Dean Cruz and his werewolf pack fight to save Nikki St. James. With her world shattered and nowhere else to go, he takes her in and vows to protect her and eliminate any remaining threat. As Alpha, it’s his duty to defend and help those in need, but caring for a human outsider causes unforeseen complications and jealousy within the pack that may jeopardize Nikki’s healing and their possible future together.Will Nikki be able to survive and let go of the demons that haunt her?Can Dean earn Nikki’s trust and protect her from the potential dangers that lie ahead?

Vampire's Tango

Michele Hauf - 2010
    He waited for weeks for the mysterious woman to make her move...and wasn't disappointed when they shared a seductive dance at a Paris tango club. Their passion made him want to savor their embrace forever--even though he knew that Veronica was a slayer waiting for her chance to destroy him....Faced with an early death, Veronica became a vampire hunter to do some good in the world before being forced to leave it. But as her game of cat-and-mouse with Alexandre turned into nights of unforgettable pleasure, how could she destroy the man she came to love?With time--and their enemies--against them, vampire and slayer will have to fight to win just one more day in each other's arms....

Born Of Sin (Book 1)

Deanna Richmond - 2018
     Octavia Vail was unaware of her life before being found on a barren Connecticut road as a young child. The locals were shocked that she only spoke Latin and at the dead greenery and livestock around her. Her only possession, a mysterious ring, may have something to do with it. And when the ring’s crest matches a picture of a man who lived centuries ago, Octavia knows she must find out more about him. Victor Logan Marchette, a vampire who’s lived for over 600 years, is the CEO of a Philadelphia hospital that deals with blood diseases. The first 200 years of his life are a mystery to him, but he’ll soon find out the horrifying reason why. Meanwhile, Octavia begins work as a nurse in the same hospital, and the sparks with Victor begin to fly. But Victor is betrothed to another, a vampire from a wild clan, under the orders of the vampires’ governing body, Cabalistis. And when vampires in both clans discover Octavia’s presence – and the hidden danger she represents -- it’s all-out war. Born of Sin is the first in a thrilling paranormal romance series. In a world of darkness and strife, the light of love is all that stands against it. And even for the most hardened vampires, that light… is the true meaning of eternity. *A re-release of Blood Thirst, An Eternal Romance, and a sneak peek of Book 2.

Blood Captive

Izzy Shows - 2018
    The dawn of vampires has come, they have dominated the world, and the blood mages that challenged them—the only creatures capable of annihilating their species.  When one blood mage is freed from the dungeons, by a werewolf no less, tensions rise in the vampire court. Werewolves have not been seen in centuries, and a blood mage on the loose could mean the downfall of vampire kind.  She’s taken, trained, and turned into a lethal weapon. The shadows are her friends, the vampires her prey.  The time has come for her to prove herself—her first solo hunt. If she fails, she stands to lose everything she’s come to depend on.  When the Prince of Vampires stands between her and her prey, she has no choice but to find another way. But he’s not the only complication.  What price would you pay for freedom?

Bond of Blood

Diane Whiteside - 2006
    First in an exciting new trilogy. Former Spanish knight Don Raphael Perez has been a vampire for seven centuries, and is now the leader of the largest vampire territory in North America, spanning Texas and Oklahoma. But a rival is challenging his rule. Then he meets veterinarian Grania O'Malley, who's never felt the touch of a man. Raphael has sworn never to initiate a woman into the eternal pleasures of the flesh, but now it may be the only way to save her from his bloodthirsty adversary...

The Knight of the Rose

Angela M. Hudson - 2012
    Refer now to the combined Tears of the Broken and The Knight of the Rose as "Dark Secrets".Sequel to the internationally successful vampire novel, Tears of the Broken.Love was only the beginning of her nightmares. When Ara discovered the existence of vampires, she was given the choice between a life as one of them, or a life without her true love.But fate has a funny way of making choices for you. After breaking the heart of the boy she loves with a truth he cannot bear, Ara will find herself in the arms of a predator who will steal her innocence and force the hand of fate. Will David Knight become her rescuer once again, or will he be too late?