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Messiah by Toni Sorenson


The Work and the Glory (Volumes 1-9)

Gerald N. Lund - 2012
    Follow the Steed family on their incredible journey from New York to the Salt Lake Valley.

A Banner Is Unfurled

Marcie Gallacher
    It is the 1820s, and years earlier, Ezekiel had fled his abusive stepfather and his loving, yet browbeaten mother promising he would never return. He vowed that when he had a family they would be bound together in freedom, happiness, and love. But now this strange, new Mormon religion seems to have captured the hearts of his wife and children in spite of the rumors that surround it and its supposed prophet, Joseph Smith. As wicked individuals and strong temptations seek to block his familys path to happiness, Ezekiel realizes that he must either allow them to join the Church and risk losing them, or tear them away from their newfound faith even if they end up hating him for it. From authors Marcie Gallacher and Kerri Robinson comes the emotional first volume in the epic series A Banner Is Unfurled, telling the remarkable story of a real family in Church history and the choices they must face. Full of drama and passion, this book is one you will want to share with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Muddy: Where Faith and Polygamy Collide -- A Historical Novel

Dean Hughes - 2019
    He has just two weeks to find a wife and gather enough belongings to help start a settlement.As Morgan and his new bride, Angeline, travel the long trail south in a covered wagon, they fall in love and connect with the other Saints. But the desert location on the Muddy River soon becomes a physical and emotional test for all of them. Together they face difficult requests from Church leaders, multiple failed attempts to settle, deaths of loved ones, and then perhaps the ultimate challenge—polygamy.What do stalwart members do when faced with conflicting feelings between what their hearts tell them and the hard instructions from Salt Lake City? Morgan and Angeline are about to find out.

Letters in the Jade Dragon Box

Gale Sears - 2011
    In mainland China from 1949 to 1976, truth is all but eradicated, suppressed and supplanted by the iron will of Mao Tse-tung. Millions of people suffer untold anguish as their history, their culture, and their lives are brought under communist rule. Many flee to Taiwan and Hong Kong.As a child, Chen Wen-shan was taken from her family home in mainland China and sent to live with her great-uncle — a former general in the Nationalist Chinese army who had become one of the first converts to the LDS Church in Hong Kong. For ten years, Wen-shan has carried the sorrow of abandonment in her heart, with few memories of her life before. But at the death of Chairman Mao, fifteen-year-old Wen-shan receives a mysterious wooden box that holds a series of beautiful paintings and secret letters that reveal the fate of the family she has not heard from in more than a decade.As Wen-shan and her great-uncle read the letters in the jade dragon box, they discover an unbreakable bond between each other, their family — both past and present — and the gospel of Jesus Christ.Letters in the Jade Dragon Box is a beautifully written LDS historical novel inspired by the real-life experiences of one man who was offered truth that would heal his heart, his spirit, and his family. His story helps shed light on a time and a place where, despite all odds, truth refused to be broken.

Daniel and Nephi

Chris Heimerdinger - 2001
    In a world of infinite mystery, when caravans rule the sun-swept deserts and mighty empires grapple for ultimate power, the lives of a young prince named Daniel and a trader's son named Nephi become entwined in an adventure that takes them along the razor's edge of danger and suspense as they struggle to save the life of a king and the fate of a nation.

Of Lions, Dragons, and Turkish Delight

S. Michael Wilcox - 2008
    S. Lewis is loved by many Latter- day Saints who are intrigued by insights in his books that parallel LDS doctrines. In this inspiring presentation, S. Michael Wilcox discusses Lewis's perspectives on such topics as: * our ability to become like God * the "divine homesickness" inside each of us that only God can satisfy * God's desire to pour happiness into the hollow of our souls * how to avoid today's "Turkish delights," the obstacles to happiness that Satan puts in our path You'll love this discussion about one of the greatest Christian writers by a gifted teacher and storyteller.

The Enoch Letters

Neal A. Maxwell - 1975
    S. Lewis comes this fascinating work of historical fiction from the mind of Elder Neal A. Maxwell. Readers of the scriptures have long marveled at the account of the city of Enoch and its translation. What was their society like? Suppose ancient records had been kept and were made available to us today. What lessons might they contain? Elder Neal A. Maxwell tells the story of Enoch's ministry and the glory of his Christ-centered society through the eyes of a man called Mahijah, who urges his friend Omner to move to Zion before it's too late. Mahijah's imaginary letters provide a vivid portrayal of life in the city of Enoch, whose inhabitants the Lord called Zion, "because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness" (Moses 7:18). (Previously published under the title Of One Heart.)

Pillar of Fire

David G. Woolley - 2000
    After the war with Babylon, Laban has risen to Captain of the Guard and has ambitions to become king of Israel; opposing him are Lehi and Uriah, leaders of a sect who prophesy the coming of a messiah. Woolley interweaves biblical, Mormon, and fictional characters in this sprawling though effective tale, of great appeal to Mormon readers but likely to seem obscure to non-Mormons.

Charlie's Monument

Blaine M. Yorgason - 1976
    He would not have lived in vain. Born with only one arm, a twisted back, and badly deformed legs, and orphaned while still a boy, Charlie also carried with him the legacy of his resolute mother: "You can do anything you want to if you want it badly enough".Charlie's will to live -- and to live largely -- will eventually win him the respect of his peers, the gratitude of his town, and the love of a very special woman who is able to look past his deformities and see into his heart. This inspiring tale, already embraced by more than 300,000 readers, will lift your spirits and reconfirm your faith in the basic human qualities of courage and compassion.

Lightning Tree

Sarah G. Dunster - 2012
    But after years of harsh treatment by her foster family and memories that seem to hint at an unthinkable crime, Maggie is forced to strike out on her own to separate the facts from the lies.

Stone Tables

Orson Scott Card - 1998
    The epic tale also traces the journey of a people destined to find their way out of slavery and sin to the light of Jehovah. A moving story of faith and uncertainty, political intrigue and personal jealousy, rebellion and submission. Stone Tables is both a gripping adventure and a brilliant study of human nature.

The Crayon Messages: A Visiting Teaching Adventure

Christine Thackeray - 2008
    With a husband alway traveling, a daughter on the brink and still adjusting to her new ward, she hopes her new visiting teaching route will bring some much needed companionship. Then she finds out she has been given the hardest visiting teaching route ever with the surly inactive Bishop's wife at the top of the list. At least her companion Gwen seemed nice, an older woman in a nursing home who said no one had visited her in years. Using this to her advantage, Cath calls her new sisters and convinces them to cheer Gwen up. Surprisingly most agree but when Cath arrives at the Pleasant Valley Home for the Elderly she is disappointed to find Gwen fast asleep. Apparently Gwen has a sleeping disorder called KSL and no one knows when she will wake up- it could be weeks. Armed with a bucket of crayons and a handful of paper, Cath convinces the sisters to write Gwen notes so when she does wake up, she'll know some cares. What no one guessed is that Gwen would write back and change all of these women's lives forever.

I Hope You Know How Much I Love You: And Other Advice for a Happier Life

John Bytheway - 2011
    With humor and insight, John takes us through invaluable lessons he has learned in order to have a happier life. His advice to be content with ourselves and our accomplishments, reduce stress by striving to have the Spirit with us, choose to be delightful, show more appreciation to those we love, and rely on the Savior, among other great ideas, offers hope to us all. As John states, “Hopefully this book will be a battery charge for our lives.”


Richard L. Black - 2015
    In command of one of Rome's finest legions, he and his closest friend, Androcles, have fought side by side to uphold the glory of the empire.But at the end of a long and bloody campaign, Maximus begins to question his purpose, his past, and the gods he has been taught to believe in.When word reaches Rome of a man named Jesus who is causing a stir in faraway Judaea, Maximus and Androcles are sent, disguised as Jews, to ascertain the truth of the situation: Is this Jesus merely a radical preacher, or is he instigating a revolution against Rome?As Maximus immerses himself in Jewish culture, he must confront questions that could change his life: Is it possible this carpenter from Nazareth is the Son of God? Is it possible for a man of war to live a life of peace?

House on the Hill

Annette Lyon - 2005
    Then one night, tragedy strikes Lizzy's family when their rural home burns down. Financially unable to rebuild, the Sullivans must find another place to live—and Lizzy must leave her lifelong friend Joshua behind.When a family in Logan invites the Sullivans to share their home, Lizzy's father begins work as a mason on the Logan temple. Against her mother's wishes, Lizzy begins a relationship and falls in love with Abe, a young man who is not a member of the Church. Little does Lizzy realize that she will be forced to choose between Abe and Joshua, two good men. What does she truly want in her life?House on the Hill, by best-selling author Annette Lyon, will sweep you back in time to a faithful community where life was simpler than it is today, but matters of the heart were every bit as complex.