Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, Vol 2

August Derleth - 1969
    P. Lovecraft – The Haunter Of The DarkRobert Bloch – The Shadow From The SteepleRobert Bloch – Notebook Found In A Deserted HouseRamsey Campbell – Cold PrintBrian Lumley – The Sister CityBrian Lumley – Cement SurroundingsJames Wade – The Deep OnesColin Wilson – The Return Of The LloigorISBN 0345246888 (also seemingly used by 2000 omnibus edition)

Who Goes There? and Other Stories

John W. Campbell Jr. - 1948
    There is a separate entry if you have just the 1938 novella. Also published as 'The Thing and Other Stories'. 'The Thing from Another World' and 'The Thing from Outer Space'. All contained the seven short stories mentioned above.

Narraciones Completas

Edgar Allan Poe - 2010
    Nevertheless, his handling of psychological depth is unmatched in the field.This major collection features all of Poe's horror, detective, and science fiction, and includes the complete Poe illustrations of Harry Clarke, Fritz Eichenberg, Gahan Wilson, and Arthur Rackham, among others, including some new and fine color paintings by Swiss artist Gwabryel. Bound in three-piece cloth with ribbon marker, translucent overlays, and enclosed in a cloth slipcase. The introduction is by Poe scholar Mark Samuels.

Black Wings: Tales of Lovecraftian Horror

S.T. Joshi - 2010
    Kiernan, Brian Stableford, Ramsey Campbell, Michael Shea, Darrell Schweitzer, Donald R. Burleson, and David J. Schow delve deep into the psyche, expanding on concepts H.P. Lovecraft created and taking them in new directions. The result is stories that are wholly original, some even featuring Lovecraft himself as a character. Black Wings editor S.T. Joshi is the recognized authority on all things Lovecraftian, and is famous for his restorations of Lovecraft's original works. He has assembled a star-studded line-up in a book that is essential for every horror library.  Including:  Pickman's Other Model - Caitlín R. Kiernan  Desert Dreams - Donald R. Burleson  Engravings - Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.  Copping Squid - Michael Shea  Passing Spirits - Sam Gafford  The Broadsword - Laird Barron  Usurped - William Browning Spencer  Denker's Book - Davd J. Schow  Inhabitants of Wraithwood - W.H Pugmire  The Dome - Mollie L. Burleson  Rotterdam - Nicholas Royle  Tempting Providence - Jonathan Thomas  Howling in the Dark - Darrell Schweitzer  The Truth About Pickman - Brian Stableford  Tunnells - Philip Haldeman  The Correspondence of Cameron Thaddeus Nash - Annotated by Ramsey Campbell  Violence, Child of Trust - Michael Cisco  Lesser Demons - Norman Partridge  An Eldritch Matter - Adam Niswander  Substitutions - Michael Marshall Smith  Susie - Jason Van Hollander

The Gods of HP Lovecraft

Aaron J. French - 2015
    Lovecraft: a brand new anthology that collects the twelve principal deities of the Lovecraftian Mythos and sets them loose within its pages. Featuring the biggest names in horror and dark fantasy, including many NY Times bestsellers, full of original fiction and artwork, and individual commentary on each of the deities by Donald Tyson.About the book: Lovecraft’s bestiary of gods has had a major influence on the horror scene from the time these sacred names were first evoked. Cthulhu, Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth—this pantheon of the horrific calls to mind the very worst of cosmic nightmares and the very darkest signs of human nature. The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft brings together twelve all-new Mythos tales from:Cthulhu (Adam Nevill) – Yog-Sothoth (Martha Wells) – Azathoth (Laird Barron) – Nyarlathotep (Bentley Little) – Shub-Niggurath (David Liss) – Tsathoggua (Brett Talley) – The Mi-Go (Christopher Golden & James A. Moore) – Night-gaunts (Jonathan Maberry) – Elder Things (Joe Lansdale) – Great Race (Rachel Caine) – Yig (Douglas Wynne) – The Deep Ones (Seanan McGuire)With commentary on each deity by Donald Tyson

The Voice in the Night

William Hope Hodgson - 1907
    He produced a large body of work, consisting of essays, short fiction, and novels, spanning several overlapping genres including horror, fantastic fiction and science fiction. Early in his writing career he dedicated effort to poetry, although few of his poems were published during his lifetime. He also attracted some notice as a photographer and achieved some renown as a bodybuilder. He began a four-year apprenticeship as a cabin boy in 1891. In 1899, he opened W. H. Hodgson s School of Physical Culture offering tailored exercise regimes for personal training. He wrote articles such as Physical Culture versus Recreative Exercises (1903). Hodgson turned his attention to fiction, publishing his first short story, The Goddess of Death (1904). In 1906 the American magazine The Monthly Story Magazine published From the Tideless Sea, the first of Hodgson s Sargasso Sea stories. His first published novel, The Boats of the Glen Carrig, appeared in 1907. Amongst his other works are The House on the Borderland (1908), The Ghost Pirates (1909), Carnacki: The Ghost Finder (1910) and The Night Land (1912).

Upon the Dull Earth

Philip K. Dick - 1954
    Short story

Was It a Dream?

Guy de Maupassant - 1910
    A famous short story, first collected in the United States in "Pierre and Jean, Ball-of-Tallow: The Complete Works of Guy de Maupassant."

Behind the Fire

Susan May - 2019
    The small coal-mining community of Karlgarin has branded them criminals and sociopaths, and the case against them seems open and shut.Something terrifying though led Bobby and Emily to leave their two young children with a sitter while they embarked on a crazy fire-bug spree. That something was an incredible secret they'd promised to protect.When Emily impulsively breaks her promise while under cross-examination, a bizarre tale unfolds of the night she followed her husband and discovered the truth of his clandestine activities. These two are the last people anyone would expect to save the world. Yet, that’s what they claim. Are they criminals, heroes or completely insane?Inspired by true-life headlines, revealed in Susan May's fascinating postscript From the Imagination Vault, Behind the Fire is an engrossing novelette of the random appearances of frightening black things, and one couple's battle to protect their town from these dangerous and hellish creatures.Fans of Stranger Things will delight in this horror thriller-with-a-twist, which is inspired by true events. From the international best selling author readers call the new Stephen King, comes a tale of horror, love and incredible bravery.

Cthulhu's Reign

Darrell Schweitzer - 2010
    Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos relate to what will happen after the Old Ones return and take over the earth. In "The Dunwich Horror," the semi-human half-breed Wilbur Whateley speaks in his diary of travelling to nonhuman cities at the Earth's magnetic poles "when the Earth is cleared off," and hints at his own promised "transfiguration." Very few Mythos stories have ever touched on this. What happens when the Stars Are Right, the sunken city of R'lyeh rises from beneath the waves, and Cthulhu is unleashed upon the world for the last time? What happens when the other Old Ones, long since banished from our universe, break through and descent from the stars? What would the reign of Cthulhu be like, on a totally transformed planet where mankind is no longer the master?It won't be simply the end of everything. It will be a time of new horrors and of utter strangeness. It will be a time when humans with a "taint" of unearthly blood in their ancestry may come into their own. It will be a time foreseen only by authors with the kind of finely honed imaginative visions as those included in Cthulhu's Reign

The Case of Lady Sannox

Arthur Conan Doyle - 2013
    One night a mysterious Turk asks him to attend his wife, who has cut her lip on a poisoned dagger. The Turk insists that amputation offers the only hope of recovery. Anxious to pocket the proffered gold, and impatient to get to his mistress, Stone dismisses his professional misgivings. He excises the lower lip of the veiled, drugged woman--only to find that he was tricked into disfiguring Lady Sannox herself. Lord Sannox (disguised as the "Turk") thus gains his revenge, with his wife morally chastised (and forever after in seclusion), and Stone's "great brain [thenceforth] about as valuable as a cap full of porridge."


Pete Rawlik - 2013
    Herbert West’s crimes against nature are well-known to those familiar with the darkest secrets of science and resurrection. Obsessed with finding a cure for mankind’s oldest malady, death itself, he has experimented upon the living and dead, leaving behind a trail of monsters, mayhem, and madness. But the story of his greatest rival has never been told — until now. Dr. Stuart Hartwell, a colleague and contemporary of West, sets out to destroy him by uncovering the secrets of his terrible experiments, only to become what he initially despised: a reanimator of the dead. For more than twenty years, the two scientists race each other to master the mysteries of life . . . and unlife. From the grisly battlefields of the Great War to the haunted coasts of Dunwich and Innsmouth, from the halls of fabled Miskatonic University to the sinking of the Titanic, their unholy quests leave their mark upon the world — and create monsters of them both.

Out Of Space And Time Volume 1

Clark Ashton Smith - 1942
    In sheer daemonic strangeness and fertility of conception, Smith is perhaps unexcelled by any other writer. - H.P. LovecraftTake one step across the threshold of his stories and you plunge into colour, sound, taste and texture; into language. - Ray Bradburya monstrously vivid imagination, a keenly ironic sense of humour, and an uninhibited bent for the macabre...a giant in the weird-heroic field. - L. Sprague de Camp

The Wicked and the Damned

Joshua Reynolds - 2019
    Each of them has a tale to tell of a narrow escape from death. Amid the toll of funerary bells and the creep and click of mortuary-servitors, the truth is confessed. But whose story can be trusted? Whose recollection is warped, even unto themselves? For these are strange stories of the uncanny, the irrational and the spine-chillingly frightening, where horrors abound and the dark depths of the human psyche is unearthed.

Children of Lovecraft

Ellen Datlow - 2016
    No pastiches and no stories in his style. Using variety in tone, setting, point of view, time, but no direct reference in the story to Lovecraft or his works. Featuring work by Laird Barron, Brian Evenson, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Jeffrey Ford, Nathan Ballingrud, and many more, with a stunning cover by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.