Goosebumps Boxed Set #3 (Goosebumps, #9-12)

R.L. Stine - 1994
    This boxset of four contains the following books:- Welcome To Camp Nightmare- The Ghost Next Door- The Haunted Mask- Be Careful What You Wish For.

Thirteen More Tales of Horror (Point Horror 13's)

A. Finnis - 1994
    Only this gift drives Kate out of her mind...Thirteen master storytellers invite you on a roller coaster ride through the imagination. How much terror can you take?

Happy Halloween!: 10 Halloween Stories for Kids!

Uncle Amon - 2014
    This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers.These stories are great for quick ghost stories and spooky tales to be read aloud with friends and family! Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can read this book for FREE! This books is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home. Excellent for early and beginning readers Great for reading aloud with friends and family 10 spooky stories and adventures about Halloween Scroll up and click 'buy' to start reading now! 100% Money Back Guarantee Tags: halloween, halloween stories, short stories for kids, monster, monsters, bedtime stories, kids books, ebooks, books for kids, jokes, kids, hilarious, children, kid, kids books, childrens books, childrens book, kids book about monsters, elementary, kids book, books for kids, childrens book, halloween book, withces, vampires, werewolves, kindle book, kindle ebook, comedy, humor, early reader, beginning reader, kids comedy, bedtime stories, monster, free ebooks, ebooks free, stories for kids, preschool, ages 3-5, ages 6-8, ages 9-12, preteen, beginning readers, beginner reading, kids stories, children stories

Queen of Teen

Meg Cabot - 2010
    An irresistible chance to read something new by your all-time favorite author - or to discover an amazing writer you've been missing up to now!There are nine short stories in this amazing, shiny pink book; in order they are Cathy Cassidy, Jacqueline Wilson, Louise Rennison, Cathy Hopkins, Meg Cabot, Karen McCombie, Lisa Clark, Joanna Nadin and Sarra Manning.

The Demonata Vol. 9 & 10: Dark Calling & Hell's Heroes

Darren Shan - 2011
    Lights can't whisper. But I swear I heard a voice calling to me. It sounded like static to begin with, but then it came into focus, a single word repeated over and over. Softly, slyly, seductively, insistently. "Come..." The Disciples are being manipulated by beings older than time. Only Kernel Fleck knows that something is wrong. But he is in the grip of a creature who cares nothing for the fate of humanity. Voices are calling to him from the darkness and he's powerless to resist. Kernel has already been to hell and back. Now he's about to go further."Hell's Heroes""

Uncollected Volume One: Unreal, Unbelievable & Quirky Tales

Paul Jennings - 1998
    Here is a collection of twenty-six unreal, unbelievable and quirky tales that are wildly funny, outrageously strange, and shockingly scary by Australia's most popular author for children.

Mindquakes: Stories To Shatter Your Brain

Neal Shusterman - 1996
    From award-winner Neal Shusterman-author of The Dark Side of Nowhere and Scorpion Shards-comes a spectacular collection of stories that are by turns terrifying, comic, darkly inventive, thought-provoking, and always just slightly off-center.

The Ripper

D.E. Athkins - 1992
    The game was over, but was there still someone out there - still playing the game?

Path of a Warrior

Erin Hunter - 2019
     Discover untold stories about three dedicated warriors: a ThunderClan warrior who dared to stand in the way of the ambitious cat who would become Tigerstar; a ShadowClan deputy who made the difficult decision to step down for the good of her Clan; and the brave warrior who was the first leader to lose her ninth life.Spectacular new adventures await both first-time readers and dedicated fans of the series that has sold more than twenty-three million copies!


Jack Croxall - 2013
    Seems like the perfect time to start a diary.Shacked up in a farmhouse cellar, a doomed survivor calling herself 'X' starts a diary to document her final few days. Much less than a few days if the uglies manage to get in.

Homecoming Queen

John Hall - 2017
    They haven’t had one at the high school in a long time, not since the Homecoming Queen died 25 years ago in that dreadful car accident. Everyone remembers Brenda Sheldon as the most beautiful Homecoming Queen Westdale High had ever seen. Now everyone is excited about Homecoming Queen and is thinking what’s past is gone and forgotten...Or is it? Melissa Brady is thrilled to be a Homecoming Queen contestant, something she has always dreamed of. Finally, she's getting everyone's attention—including that of handsome football star Seth Powell. All of a sudden everything seems perfect for her. Maybe too perfect. One by one, the other Homecoming Queen contestants start having horrible accidents. Deadly accidents... One is horribly burned. Another is attacked by a swarm of killer bees. People are spooked and are beginning to ask, is this Brenda Sheldon's ghost out for revenge? Or is it someone else, someone evil? The truth is even more terrifying than beautiful and brave Melissa Brady could ever imagine... Reviews 3.66 average rating all editions, 141 ratings, 9 reviews, added by 348 people, 161 to-reads, 86% of people liked it.—Goodreads 5.0 out of 5 stars (4 reviews)—Amazon ***** 5 stars Scream Queen John Hall wowed me with this terrifying tale of jealousy, greed & murder.—A customer Homecoming Queen is my favourite book. I would give it 10/10 because it’s the best book I’ve ever read. Mystery and suspense seems to wrap you up in an exciting blanket, nonstop! It was one of the few books that actually gave me chills. Titles By John Hall HOMECOMING QUEEN KILLER CHRISTMAS SUMMER SHARE About The Author As a teenager, John Hall devoured a diet of classic horror movies such as Halloween, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Some of his more recent favorite horror movies are the Scream and Saw franchises. When he began reading adult horror, his instant favorites were Stephen King, John Saul and Dean Koontz. Most recently he’s a fan of dark suspense authors such as Gillian Flynn, Ruth Ware, Shari Lapena, B.A. Paris, A.J. Finn, Liv Constantine and Lisa Jackson. John Hall’s novels will appeal to fans of Karen McManus, E. Lockhart, Natasha Preston, Lois Duncan, Joan Lowery Nixon, R. L. Stine and Caroline Cooney. John grew up in Brooklyn, with a younger brother and over twenty cousins (yes, it’s true!) but now lives in New York City. Readers can email him at:

Enter: Ten Tales for Tweens: Fantastic Short Stories for Middle Grade Readers

M.J. Ware - 2012
    Wick, D.D. Roy, Jean Cross, Tess Oliver, Laura Keysor, KJ Hannah Greenberg, & Chris Eboch

Hide and Seek

Jane McFann - 1995
    This exciting new thriller from the well-reviewed author of Be Mine focuses on a 16-year-old who is being stalked by someone who seems to know her very, very well--someone who may have known her forever.

Dangerous Game

William Harris - 1986
    The ghost is a poltergeist that William calls 'Poldy'. At the beginning William and Poldy play a friendly game every night, but then the game begins to change. It becomes a dangerous game. Who will win?

The Stalker

Carol Ellis - 1997
    She dreams of the applause and the thrilling attention. A life on the stage is what she has always wanted. and she's not the only one. Someone else is stagestruck too - or more accurately starstruck...At first Janna thinks she is being followed by an obsessive fan. But she's not just receiving notes and flowers. Someone is playing games with her mind...and her life. Is the stalker trying to get closer to Janna...or is he making sure no one ever will?